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Daily Learning Updates - WB 13/7/20

Hello Year 5! We hope you are all feeling fantastic and motivated to complete your final week's home learning! Enjoy your activities...


Here we are... your final day of learning activities on the blog! Thank you to all those who have been keeping us updated with your learning - we are all so proud! Have a super summer break and we're looking forward to seeing your lovely faces at the picnic next week!


It's time to write your adventure story! Yesterday, you would have completed your plan. Use the document attached to guide you through the writing stage and what skills to include - enjoy!


Complete the online Maths revision challenge (attached) - this will involve consolidating your skills that you have learnt!


Have a go at completing the 'spelling crossword' - remember your stratgies and rules.

Afternoon Activities

Find attached your final week of 'Wider Curriculum' activities - as always, complete these throughout the week at your leisure!


Hello everyone, Mr McAuley here with exciting news about the Lock-Down Writing Competition! It is the moment you have all be waiting for, who will be receiving the prizes for their efforts?

Firstly, I want to say a huge “thank you” to everyone who got involved and wrote a poem on the theme ‘Fauna’. I have never received so many entries to a writing competition before and the quality of the writing was truly exceptional; they really made me very proud to be a teacher here at Chilton. I would also like to thank all the parents who supported their child with this project, your support and kind messages were greatly appreciated.

Therefore, Martyn and I had an incredibly difficult task deciding who will be crowned winners. I’ll start by announcing the ‘shortlist’ for each Key stage. These poems really stood out and any one of them could have won. Martyn and I spent a lot of time deliberating over every one. Each of these poems will receive a small prize when you return in September.

KS1 – Shortlist

  • Sophie Furiel
  • Evie Beaumont
  • Jessica Kirkaldie
  • Freddie Elliot
  • Ned Clements

KS2 – Shortlist

  • Finn Gardner
  • Nadia Curtis
  • Finley Munsen
  • Rose and Emily Young
  • Evie Field
  • Bradley Kirkaldie

Martyn Harvey wanted me express his thanks for all of these entries, he felt all of these poems were of such high quality that they could be dropped straight into his new book ‘Bugs, Beasts and Biscuits’. All of these children will receive a small prize in September when you return.

But now to announce the winners and runners-up.


Winner – Ned Clements.

1st runner-up – Sophie Furiel.

2nd runner-up – Evie Beaumont.

Well done to you three!


Winner – Finn Gardner

1st runner-up – Evie Field

2nd runner-up – Finley Munsen

Well done to you three!

Thank you to everybody who entered and a really huge well done to those winners and runners-up above. Prizes will be distributed in September when you return.

thank you for all your hard work!

Mr McAuley and Martyn Harvey.



It's time to plan and write your adventure story! These tasks are to be completed today and tomorrow. Use the document attached to guide you through the writing stage and what skills to include.


Look at the creative Maths activity attached - you can complete this activity at the beach, in the park, in your garden or indoors. You can use pebbles, shells, counters or draw it on paper with pens - enjoy!


Many of you still use apostrophes every time you add an ‘s’ for a plural. E.g. I ate lots of cake’s – This is incorrect. Work through this lesson on the link attached, learning to use apostrophes correctly.


Shout out!

Well done to Gracie, Jack, Tom and Finley!


Recap your understanding of the story read on Monday!
Many authors have said that they gain a greater understanding of main aspects of their stories through drawing before writing!
The story that you read is set in ‘Sandy Cove’.
Using the structure of this story…where is the setting of your story?
Draw an image of your setting. How can you demonstrate suspense and clues what your story is about in your drawing?


Look at the problem-solving activity (attached) and use your mathematical skills to complete!


Click on the link (on the attached document) and use your SPaG knowledge to successfully complete the challenge

Afternoon Activities

Find attached your final week of 'Wider Curriculum' activities - as always, complete these throughout the week at your leisure!



One of the key skills that we will focus on this week is building suspense! Look at the attached document and work through the activities that look at this aspect.


Today you will be investigating 'tangrams' - the tangram is based on the dissection of a square into seven pieces! Look at the task attached and use your creative skills to complete.


Today's focus looks at antonymns - look at the exercise attached and complete.

Afternoon Activities

Find attached your final week of 'Wider Curriculum' activities - as always, complete these throughout the week at your leisure!

THRIVE Activities

Please find attached this week's well-being activities that you may want to complete.




Imagine stumbling across hidden treasure the next time you are out on the beach or in the woods with your friends. What would you do? Open the treasure chest? Keep it all to yourself? Hand it in to the police? Show it to your family?

I think we have probably all thought about this! Treasure or precious objects are often used in myth, legend, cartoons, books and films. This week, we will use treasure and interesting objects as the stimulus to write fantastic adventure stories with a key focus being: ‘suspense’.

Read the story attached and complete a 'story map' showing your understanding of the key events.


Read the instructions attached - you will be required to play a fun game that consolidates your skills and understanding of factors and multiples!


Click on the link (attached) to access the website that will require you to practise your spellings of Y5/6 common exception words.


Hi everyone,

The Viking Isolation Games are now complete!

Which team did you bet?

Now that YOU are done.

Do you want to find out who WON!

Look out on your teacher's blogs or your school's media platform to find out the WINNER!!!

You were all so amazing and you should be so proud of yourselves.

We thank you so much for taking part!

Mrs Horrigan, Mr Noble & Miss Knight.

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