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One Childhood, One Chance

W/B 21st September 2020 Weekly Year 5 Blog

The children have all worked incredibly hard this week and they have settled back into their Chilton routine.  Thank you for support!

Important notice

Reading in year 5 plays an important part in the children's daily learning and there is an expectation that all children read daily either with an adult or on their own.  We ask that their reading records are signed daily by an adult and that the children are to hand these in daily; these will be checked by their class teacher. Please encourage your child to read and to change their book if they need.

Learning this week.

The children will continue to explore the text Ice Trap by Meredith Hooper.  This week the children described Ernest Shackleton; looking at his personality, movement, appearance and his relationships with others.  Year 5 created some fabulous Andy Warhol style images of Shackleton this week too.  This week the children have created their own fraction wall and looked at equivalent fractions; ordering and comparing fractions.  They have also added and subtracted fractions.  In our afternoon classes, we have been discussing positive mental health and how we can manage our own feelings and recognise when others need  help and support.  The children also take part in daily wellbeing activities such as: meditation, zones of regulation, wellbeing colouring, running/walking 1k, drawing and writing in their own personal wellbeing journals. 

Learning next week.

In English next week the children will be using their emotive language skills when writing diary entries and letters.  They will be looking at how  different characters in the text Ice Trap felt at different times. The children will also be looking at writing simple, compound and complex sentences.

Maths next week will still cover fractions and the children will be simplifying fractions and finding fractions of an amount.  They then will look at decimals and match decimals to the correct fraction. 

Next week the children will start their first Year 5 topic - Frozen Kingdom.  This topic links brilliantly with our year 5 English text - Ice Trap.  The children will be using their geography and science skills to explore Antarctica int eh afternoon.

Music - The children will take part in whole class guitar lessons on Thursday.  If your child has their own guitar we are happy for them to bring their in to play.  We have guitars for all children and these will be cleaned after each child has used them.

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