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W/B 7th December 2020 Year 5 Blog

W/B 7th December 2020 Year 5 Blog

Year 5 have been working exceptionally hard this week as well as enjoying a range of Christmas activities. Team Azure, Team Ultramarine and Team Peacock finalised their Christmas videos which will soon be available for parents to view (Mrs Law will send out the link).

Learning this week

In English, the children have been writing playscripts based on a circumstance where they discovered an alien at Chilton! The children read through a playscript, picking out the key features before planning their own character lists, dialogue and plot. The children then wrote up their playscripts adding in stage directions. We also finished our class text ‘The Jamie Drake Equation’, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Next week, the children, both at school and at home, will be practising a range of writing skills across a series of big writes.

In Maths, the children have been looking at composite rectilinear shapes and how to find the perimeter and area of this shapes by splitting them into recognisable quadrilaterals. We then also worked on finding areas of a range of irregular shapes. Next week, the children will be looking at rounding and working with linear number sequences.

In Topic, we learnt about the shape of the Earth, Sun and Moon and how we ca prove that the Earth is (almost) spherical rather than flat. We competed a ‘Moonsaic’ to show the shape of the moon. We also completed scale model drawing of the planets of the solar system and compared their distances from the sun. Year 5 also enjoyed their class parties and Christmas dinners this week.

Home Learning:

There have been tow MyMaths tasks set on PERIMETER and AREA.

Congratulations to Farah and Albie (both of Team Azure) for winning the Chilton bears in the foodbank raffle!

Next Week:

Mrs Rowland-Hill and Mr C will remain teaching in their class at Chilton to children coming in to school.  Mr Abel will be teaching the children that are learning from home.  You will need to have your TEAMS access information to access Mr Abel’s lessons.  These times and details have been sent to the families that are staying home to learn as each class has a different time.  If you have not received this information, please contact the school office.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no school or home learning on FRIDAY 18th DECEMBER. School will end normal time on Thursday 17th December.

If you’re learning from home next week, have a lovely break and we will see everyone on Monday!


The Year 5 team x

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