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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Year 6

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  • 31/03/20

    Daily Blog 01.04.20

    Good morning everyone!   Technically, this is the last day of term so this will be the last blog until we resume again in Term 5 (Thursday 16th April).  Of course, please continue to communicate with your class teachers (with your work) and friends through social media, padlet or t...
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  • 30/03/20

    Daily Learning 31.03.20

    Good morning. Firstly, here are the answers to Monday's SPAG: 1) Circle the nouns: A noun is name, place or thing - safety, class, trip 2) A word similar to 'afraid': scared, terrified, frightened, petrified, fearful, ... 3) An apostrophe is used for contracting words or to s...
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  • 29/03/20


    We hope you remembered to put all of your clocks forwards... that means we are now in British Summer Time (BST) and nights are starting to shorten; the days get longer!  Although we may be on lockdown, at least we no longer have the depressing winter darkness (every cloud has a silver lining...
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  • 27/03/20

    Staying in touch!

    We'd like to introduce you to Padlet.  This is an excellent - and safe way to stay in touch.  You can chat and upload pictures.  The site will be monitored by your Year 6 teachers but please remember our online safety rules.  Be safe and be kind.  Although we may not be...
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  • 27/03/20

    Sporting challenge!

    If you have permission to do so, and you're in a safe, clear space, how many kick ups can you do with a toilet roll?  Can you beat our sports team?                  
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  • 27/03/20

    Daily Learning 27.03.20

    Good morning everyone!  Thank you to everyone who are emailing their work through.  Although you don't have to, it is still important that it is checked and you are supported.  Below are a couple of drawings; keep them coming in!  Dexter    Joshua  D...
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  • 26/03/20

    Family Sports Quiz

    How many questions can you get right in the Sports Crew's Family Sports Quiz?
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  • 26/03/20

    Daily Learning 26.03.20

    Good morning everyone!  Please keep sending in your springtime artwork.  It certainly brightens our days seeing them and would be lovely to share some more of your efforts.  Here are some more that have been received:   Emma      Jack working hard...
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  • 25/03/20

    Daily Learning 25.03.20

    Thanks to Rhea for her colourful rainbow!  Let's hope it brightens the day of those who walk past it! Here are some more fantastic springtime artworks.  Keep emailing them in:  Bella      Daniel  Bonnie      Evan
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  • 24/03/20

    Daily Learning 24.03.20

    Good morning!  Please keep emailing through your springtime artwork.  Here are the two that were received so far:  Matthew    Orin
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  • 23/03/20

    Daily Learning 23.03.20

    Welcome to Year 6's daily learning blog page.  Every day, a new message will be posted for you, giving information for your daily learning.  This is an exciting opportunity to deliver your learning in a different way and it is crucial that you continue to access this Chi...
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  • 13/03/20

    Weekly News 13.03.20

    This week, Year 6 have returned to the exciting book Kensuke's Kingdom.  All week, they have written skilfully as news journalists to report on the news of the family setting off to sea on their big adventure around the world.  They employed journalistic features within their newspaper...
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