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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Daily Learning 16.04.20

Welcome 'back'!  We hope you enjoyed your Easter break - as best you could at least - and didn't fall for the April Fool prank from the last post's task!  

As we are now in Term 5, there will be a daily blog every school day, with your learning for that day.  Just like in term 4, the daily blog will be up by 09:30.  Hopefully, you have been working through the work that was provided for you in your packs at your own pace.

If you have not signed up for  Padlet yet, we recommend that you do.  It is an online platform for you to stay in touch with your school friends and communicate more easily with your teachers.  We would also like you to post your work onto Padlet so we can all appreciate your efforts. 

We have found an excellent website that will assist you in your English task for today.  It's a live radio show with fun, interactive activities, designed by the poet Pie Corbett!  Just click the link here to listen to today's activity.  Each day, there will be a new activity followed by directed tasks but you can also listen to past days if you would like.  It also shows you how to post onto Padlet!  

For Guided Reading today, log on to Pie Corbett's Radio blog and listen to 'In the Night Museum' from yesterday.  Alternatively, you can read it further down the page.  Can you answer the following questions afterwards?

1) What colour is the light that blossoms?

2) What simile is used to describe the dodo?

3) Explain why the emperor's muscles could be cold.

4) With the verse about the toy soldiers, identify the 4 verbs and replace them with others that mean the same (synonyms)

5) Give 3 adjectives to describe the caretaker, in your opinion, and explain why you have used those.


We would like you to focus on place value for Maths today.  Remember, each column gets ten times bigger than the previous (a Hundred is 10x bigger than a Ten, which is 10x bigger than a One, which is 10x bigger than a Tenth, which is 10x bigger than a Hundredth...).  When comparing numbers, you need to look at the most significant column first. 

Green A = Mild; Pink B = Spicy; Purple C = Hot

Well done to all the children who played Mr. Wheeler on Times Tables Rockstars.  There are some really high scores!  Log on again; you have been challenged!

We also have a Topic challenge for you, which will last you a week.  Firstly, can you label the map of the world, below?  We would like you to find 5 facts about each continent.  Maybe you can tell us which countries you can find in that continent.  Research some interesting facts and write them in your own words.  You could post what you find out on Padlet!

Finally, we would like to remind you to stay safe online.  This includes when you are talking to your friends through social media.  Sometimes, it is hard to interpret what has been written as you cannot sense the tone in which it has been said.  Please be mindful and remember not to say anything to people through your phone or computer that you would not say to their face.  Whatever you say online - even if you delete it - stays online!  If you are ever unsure, speak to your parents.  Your final task is to create a poster informing us about the importance of staying safe online.  Post them onto Padlet!

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