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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Year 6 Blog 25th July 2021

Welcome to this week's edition of the Year 6 blog!

Things are very slowly returning to normal at Chilton. This week, Year 6 were invited to sit in the hall for assembly. They sat socially distanced from the other year 6 bubbles. Being allowed to sit on the benches is a milestone in the school and we have finally made it!

It's been a fabulous week in Year 6!  In English, we have been introduced to our new class text: Rose Blanche. It is a historical picture book about a girl, who observes German soldiers leaving for war. We have written a newspaper report about this event; some of us made our writing biased. In Maths, we have been collecting and presenting data. By doing this, we have learnt more about which graph is appropriate for presenting a certain type of data (discrete/continuous). In Topic, we have learnt about evolution and how living things have adapted to survive. 

Next week, Year 6 will be continuing to read Rose Blanche. The children will have lots of opportunities to predict what will happen at various points of the book. We will also be writing from different view points and considering how that impacts on the words we choose in our writing. In Maths, we will continue to look at how we can present data in different ways. In particular, we will be linking our knowledge of fractions and percentages to pie charts. 

Love to Learn -for your home learning challenge this week, we would like you to prepare for a special day we are having on Tuesday 6th July. We are asking you to come into school dressed as a 1940s school child. Find out what children at that time wore to school. During this time, lots of children were sent away from towns and cities and sent to the countryside to keep them safe. The children often left with a small bag or suitcase with only a few personal items in them. You might want to add that bag to your costume too. Please come to school on Tuesday 6th July dressed as a 1940s evacuee child. 


-our class photos will be taking place on Tuesday 29th June (next week). Please make sure you look particularly smart and tidy on that day. Everyone needs to wear a blue school jumper or cardigan in the photo that day so please bring one to school with you. We also need to take our shoes off so make sure you are wearing presentable school socks or tights. No toes poking out please!

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