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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

12.11.21 Weekly Learning


100% of Year 6 have been quizzing for Accelerated Reading so a big well done and continue to enjoy reading!  The children should have got their new ZPD levels that are stuck onto their reading record.  Some results have decreased meaning that the children have been given a lower ZPD score.  If a child's ZPD score has decreased, this is because of the following reasons: 

  1. They are getting less than 80% correct in their AR quizzes.  Children must quiz with the book alongside them so they can refer to it (it isn't a memory quiz!)
  2. They are not quizzing enough so the data is only on their Star Reader Assessment results. 

In the week commencing 22.11.21, we will be examining an actual lamb's heart to support our learning of the body.  The children will be welcome to touch it if they wish and gloves will be provided.  

The children have loved reading Skellig and are eager to find out more.  Next week, we will be dream sequencing after reading about Michael's nightmare about the mysterious man in the garage.  This will include considering our sentence openers to engage the reader and choosing appropriate vocabulary for effect.

In maths, we will be working more with fractions: firstly by ordering and comparing them before moving on to adding and subtracting fractions.  We also will play a fun game that will involve simplifying fractions.

Next week, we will be celebrating Anti-Bullying Week by making an advert that shows ways to deal with bullying and what to do if bullying is seen amongst our friends.

Love to Learn

Please log on to as there is a task set for you to complete.  

In SPAG this week, we learnt the five ways to use commas:

1) In a list (including an expanded noun phrase)

When I visited the aquarium, I saw sharks, jellyfish, turtles and a sea lion.

The benevolent, helpful child picked up his friend.

2) For a fronted adverbial:

In the classroom, the children got on with their learning.

3) For dialogue:

"That's a great Love to Learn Task," Mrs. Rowland-Hill beamed.  "You must have worked really hard on it!"

4) To separate clauses:

After giving her dogs a bath, Miss Lane cooked some dinner.

5) For parenthesis:

Mr. Wheeler, who is a Year 6 teacher, enjoys running.


We would like you to write your own examples of each way of writing commas.

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