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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

19.11.2021 Weekly Learning


This week the children have been spending their afternoons discussing bullying; what it is and what to do if they see it or experience it.  The children then worked in small groups to film their own anti-bullying advert aimed at children. Click here to watch a video:

Important messages:

  1. As our exit point, the children will take part in a children’s first aid training afternoon on 9th December.  The cost of this event is £2.50 per child (voluntary contribution).  Please check our School App to make a payment – thank you.
  2. There is a new Year 5/6 maths challenge.  See the document attached below.
  3. Please see a message from Wingham Wildlife about a competition below!

Home learning:

We would like the children to draw and label as many 2D shapes as they can.  We would like them to focus on the following shapes; quadrilaterals, shapes with right angles, regular and irregular shapes and polygons.  This video will help the children

 We would also like the children to spend some time on their TTRS accounts.


This week has been all about fractions again.  We have learnt how to order and compare fractions by finding the common denominator and remembering the saying, “Whatever you do to the bottom, you do to the top.” We then moved on to adding and subtracting fractions.

Next week the children will be learning more about 2D and 3D shapes and their properties. 


We have continued to use Skellig as our Year 6 text. We have spent the week writing dream sequences focusing on varying sentence types (simple, compound and complex) whilst building tension.  After reading chapter 12 and 13 of the book, we then spent some time learning how to draw blackbirds and owls. 

Next week the children will be writing in role as a variety of characters.  They will be focusing on writing in past tense and present tense. 

Afternoon lessons

This week we focused on anti-bullying.  We learnt how to stay safe and what to do if we did not.  The children were also reminded of the ‘worry’ button on our Chilton website. The children then made an anti-bullying tree for their classroom and finished the week creating their own anti-bullying adverts aimed at other children.  See above for the link to a video!

We have also focused on our French colours this week – What is your child’s colour in French? Test them!

Next week we will be exploring the heart in more depth.  The children will be given the opportunity to see and touch (if they wish) a lamb’s heart.  The children will also spend some time drawing detailed sketches of the human heart.

Wingham Wildlife Competition

We are on the hunt for two new Junior Journalists!

For one year (Jan-Dec) our Junior Journalists can write or vlog about anything they want to at our park, from their trip overall to a new animal they enjoyed seeing for the first time- their imagination is the limit!

We are inviting these budding journalists to create a new piece of work each season, which we will then share on our website.

We are looking for,

-1 child aged 5-10

-1 teen aged 11-16

Children may include their own photographs, drawings or other resources to create the articles which can be as long (or short) as they like.

This will include a free family ticket for 2 adults, our Junior Journalist and a sibling to visit the park four times during the year. Our previous Junior journalist articles can be found on the website here, and here, and as you can see they were amongst the first to see our orangutans and were even invited for experiences so who knows what the year ahead may hold for our newbies!

If your child is interested in these exciting roles then all they have to do is e-mail to tell us why they want to be our Junior Journalist This e-mail is an opportunity for them to show off their writing/presentation skills and must be produced by them.

We can’t wait to see the applications!

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