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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

W/E 28/01/2022

Home Learning  

  1. We would like the children to bring in a photo of them as a baby on Tuesday 1st February.  The children will use these images during their topic lessons next week.  Please email the image to your class teacher if this is easier (email addresses are below)
  2. We would like the children to make a resource that can help them remember how to convert between fractions, decimals and percentages.  Here is a link that can will help you The children can bring their home learning in to use next week.
  3. The children have been set a MyOn reading challenge.  They are to read the book A journey into adaptation with Max Axiom.  After reading the book, the children can take a quiz on it.  The children must read this book by Thursday 3rd Feb.

Important messages:

  1. Friday 4th February is Number Day.  All children (and teachers) are invited to dress up as their chosen Times Table Rock Star! The children will take part in a number of maths activities throughout the day.
  2.  As part of our RE exit point, Year 6 will be visiting the Al-Birr Community Centre and Mosque in Margate on Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th February.  The children will travel by train (walking to and from the station etc.).  Children will need to be in full school uniform and bring a coat to wear.  Children can also bring a snack to eat as we will be away from school all morning.  Year 6 will return to school in time for lunch.
  3. World Book Day will be on Thursday 3rd March.  If they wish to, children can dress up as their favourite character from a book.



The children retuned to fractions this week.  They spent more time multiplying and dividing fractions and then moved on to converting fractions to decimals and then decimals to fractions.

Next week the children will move on to converting fractions, decimals and percentages working on their fluency and problem solving.  Friday 4th will be NSPCC Number Day and the children will take part in a number of activities throughout the day.



Year 6 have spent this week researching the Caribbean.  Use used a variety of sources to understand the Caribbean.  They also explored Caribbean poetry. The children spent the week writing their own non-chronological report about the Caribbean using their research and focused their writing on using technical and subject specific language, structuring their writing, using parenthesis and ambitious punctuation choices.  The children then edited and improved their writing.

Next week the children will be exploring more tales from the text, 'Tales of the Caribbean'.  They will then plan and write their own that incorporate the Caribbean tale features. The children will also perform their own tale and create their own art based on a Caribbean artist. 

Afternoon lessons

This week Year 6 looked closely at the Galápagos Islands and why it was important to Charles Darwin and science.  The children looked at Charles Darwin’s detailed drawings of the animals he discovered and recreated his drawings using paints to build colour and shades.

Next week the children will be learning about 5 explorers and learning about inherited features or features that are environmental.  The children will learn more about adaptation and take part in an investigation about foxes.

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