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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

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Weekly News 20.3.20

Weekly News 20.3.20

This week we have continued learning about Space. We found out some facts about each planet. Did you know that Saturn has 57 moons? Ask me what I’ve learned! We also learned the order of planets from the sun by listening to this song:  . Then we looked at a picture of the planets and discussed. We also read the book ‘Astro Girl’. Our favourite part was the fact section at the end. Did you know that ‘Astro’ means stars and ‘Naught’ means sailor?

In Maths this week we have continued to learn about grouping objects. We had slips of paper with grouping instructions written on them e.g. ‘3 groups of 2’. We then counted out multilink cubes and put them into 3 groups of 2 as instructed. The next day we practiced our grouping again but this time practiced problem solving about grouping! We had pictures of space objects already in groups but some pictures were missing. We had to work out how many items were needed to create equal groups. We were really good at this! We have also practiced matching number to quantity this week. We needed to count an amount up to 20 and match it with the correct numerals. It is tricky to recognise number 10-20 but when we were stuck we used our number lines to help us.

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