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Home Learning - 24.4.20

Home Learning - 24.4.20

And just like that… it’s FRIDAY!

We've loved hearing from you on the phone this week! We still have a few calls to make so if you haven't had yours yet then look out for out call. It will come up as an unknown number.


Each day of school closure, the Ruth Miskin team will be uploading a Set 1, Set 2 and Set 3 Speed Sounds lesson video to Youtube. We will be following the Set 1 videos. These will be sounds that your child has learned in class already. You will be recapping these sounds at home which will hopefully give your child a sense of confidence. 

Today (24.4.20) the video will be focusing on the sound ‘f’. 

After practising writing the sound in your book, please then recap writing the sounds ‘b’ and ‘u’ just as we did last term. 

Now can you try writing these three words? 

‘fat’ ‘fit’ ‘fog’ 

Writing task

The story Mavis the Magical Cat has been very exciting to read and learn about this week. I am not sure about you, but I think a magical cat would keep me entertained at home. We have been acting, matching pictures and rhyming this week and to end this week’s writing task we are going on an adventure. 

Look at Mavis, she has been going on an adventure herself. Can you look at the photos of Mavis and guess where she is? Once you’ve had a guess, see if your adult guessed the same place. Did you both get the same? Explain why you thought Mavis was in that place, were there any clues to help you in the pictures?  

Now it is your turn. You are the explorer, take a picture of your toy in a place around your home or garden. See if your adult can guess where it is. Did they guess right?  Can you guess where my toy Percy the penguin is? What clues are there in the picture to help you?  



Explorers have to write about what they have found so that other people know all about it. You are going to write a sentence describing your pictures. If I was writing about Percy the penguin I would say:

 Percy is covered in soft T-shirts and is sitting on blue, folded jeans.

Can you guess where Percy is now? 


We are learning about shape today. Reception you were fantastic at knowing your shapes at school. I wonder if you can remember them now. 

You are going to continue explorering today. Your mission is to find as many different shapes in your home as you can! You are going to draw what you find and write its shape next to your drawing. Get exploring… and have lots of fun! 


This is a song you might remember, sing it to your adult. 


Cauliflowers fluffy and cabbages green, strawberry’s sweeter than any I’ve seen… Oh no , I am singing it again, I bet you have been too…

In topic we have been looking through the PowerPoint about fruits and vegetables. We have been learning about where fruits and vegetables grow. Today, you are going to be investigators. I want you to look at the fruit and vegetables in your home. Write down what they are and draw a picture, then look and see where it comes from. Was it made here or in another country? If you cannot find this out on the label of the food, ask a grown up to help you find out by looking on the internet. 



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Other activities you may want to include in your day:  

Phonics Play- - A fantastic website which has become free during this time.  

Username: march20 Password: home  

Oxford Owl -  (Free reading books)   

Cosmic kids- (Yoga, mindfulness and stories). 

Go Noodle- (Smart Bodies). 

Jo Wicks- (9am P.E sessions daily) 

Top Marks - Maths Games - (Counting) 

Youtube – Maths songs – 

Youtube – Number Jacks –  

Twinkl - (A huge selection of free resources) 

Audible - (Providing some free stories) 


Make sure you have lots of time for play and talk as this is just as important as the learning. Please email if you have any questions or would like further support.  

Happy home learning! 


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