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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Friday 25th March 2022

What a wonderful week! It has been lovely to see the sun shining and the children so happy and cheery at school! Only one more week until the holidays!

Love to Learn Task (for the Easter holidays):

Next term our topic will be ‘Growth’.  For your child’s love to learn challenge we would like you and your child to plant a seed of your choice.  Please could you detail the changes that happen to the seed/plant as it grows. Also note what you need to do to the seed/plant in order to help it grow.  You could do this by taking photos or asking your child to draw a picture of the seed/plant at various stages of growth.  We ask that you return your child’s love to learn book by Wednesday 20th April. We understand your seed may not be fully grown by then but hopefully the children will have seen some changes. They are welcome to bring in their plant to show if they wish.   

Parent-Teacher Consultations

Many thanks to all parents/carers who were able to make their consultation. These are always great so that we can share all the wonderful progress your child has made, discuss what their next steps are and offer you the opportunity to ask any questions. If for any reason you were unable to make or attend your appointment, please speak to your child’s class teacher who will be able to make another appointment for you.


Most groups have started to learn Set 2 sounds (these are listed below). When reading words, we always check for a special friend first, then we Fred talk, then we say the word. The special friends can be quite tricky to spot in words, so you may want to support with spotting these when you are reading with your child at home.

Set 2 sounds:

ay (play)

ee (feet)

igh (night)

ow (snow)

oo (zoom)

oo (look)

ar (car)

or (fork)

air (fair)

ir (girl)

ou (shout)

oy (boy)


This week, we have been learning to subtract. We started the week by doing this practically. We had to count out the correct number of objects and then take away the right amount. We then moved on to doing this with pictures. We had to cross out the amount to be taken away to find the answer. As always, we were amazing at this!


This week we have been learning about the festival of Holi and how this festival is celebrated. We have been learning about colour mixing and what happens when we mix two colours together. We also learned some dances that people celebrating Holi would do. Later in the week, we designed how we would paint our faces for a festival. We also learned how a bonfire is used in Holi celebrations. We made our own class ‘bonfire’, ate some popcorn and threw some chick peas on the fire!

Donations for School:

We would gladly receive any of the following:

  • Paintbrushes (all different sizes, including DIY paintbrushes)

  • Paint rollers and trays

  • Tights

  • Any fabric (any shape/size/colour)

Little Stars Sheets

It is always lovely to receive WOW moments which the children have completed/achieved at home. If your child does something for the first time or does something really well at home, please write it on a little stars sheet (ask your child’s teacher if you need more) and pass on to us so we can add it to their learning journeys.


Reception will host their first ever Easter bonnet parade on the last day of this term Friday 1st April at 10am (gates will open at 9:45am). We cannot wait to see your amazing creations!

Term 5 starts on Tuesday 19th April.


Many thanks for all of your support, from all of the EYFS Team!


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