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Weekly News Friday 20th March

All about germs!

This week has been a strange week for all of us. The children have remained calm and focused on their learning, for which we are extremely proud of them. In today's blog, I will list what we have been learning this week. For those of you who have already started your home learning journey, I will upload some of the learning we completed in school for you to complete at home. From Monday, we will update our blogs daily, with activities and tasks for you to complete at home. We will miss all the children so very much and we wish you all the best on your journey over the next few weeks. 

In Maths this week, we have been learning about division. First of all we looked at sharing fairly. If we had 12 sweets to share between 3 children, we would initially give everyone 1. Then give everyone a second sweet and keep going until all the sweets were gone. We then related this to a division calculation. When given a calculation we taught the children to look at a smaller number. This would tell them how many sharing circles to draw. You then look at the larger number and share that number equally between the sharing circles (see the attached photo for how it looked on the board.

In Topic this week, our focus has been germs (this was actually what was on or medium term plan and just happens to be very appropriate). We learnt about how germs spread and how we can stop the spread of germs. We conducted 3 different experiments and observed the effect germs had on things such as bread.

For those of you who have been home learning this week:

English: Please can you revise the sounds ea (cup of tea) and oi (spoil the boy). Write the words tea, meat, beak, boil, coin, join on a paper and get children to read them. Then hide the words and see if the children can write them. Click on the link below and play Obb and Bob with the sounds ea and oi. 

Obb and Bob phonics game

Say the sentence 'Mum and Dad like to spoil the boy' to the children a few times. See if they can remember the sentence and write it down. Repeat this with 'I lost my coin at the beach'. 

Then ask the children to write a postcard to send to school to tell us about what they have done at home this week.


Talk the children through what we have done in Maths this week (see above). Complete the division calculations attached below by drawing sharing circles and sharing the larger number into the circles.


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