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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Home learning: Week beginning Monday 23rd March

Let's do this!! 

Monday 23rd March


Today your focus sound is aw (yawn at down). On your sound chart that was sent home look at the sound aw and together say aw - yawn at dawn. Then point to around 10 other sounds randomly on the sound card to keep other sounds fresh in the your child's mind. On paper write down the words yawn, dawn, draw and straw. Get the children to read these words. Then click the link below to play buried treasure. Click on phase 5 and choose the aw sound.

Buried Treasure

Now time for some spelling. Hide your focus words from today. Say the word draw. Ask your child to say draw and pinch the sounds. Then write the word. Repeat this with the other focus words.

Dictation - say the sentence 'the birds yawn at dawn' with your child. Repeat this a few times. Ask your child to write down this sentence.

Reading a book: Visit the website below - you can register for free. Click on the free e books and read the book 'The Big Match'.

oxford owl - free e books

The Big Match

Writing task: Write a few sentences about what your favourite sport is. You could write some simple instructions for how to play.


Today, we are learning to find half of a shape. Open the document below called 'Finding half - teaching pages'. Talk through the slides with your child. Find some things around the house you can fold/cut in half e.g. a tea towel, piece of paper, an apple. Ensure your child understands half is one of 2 equal parts. Print off the document 'Monday - Cutting shapes in half'. Fold or cut the shapes in half. Ensure the two halves are equal when folding or cutting. Then complete the document attached called 'Monday - finding half of a shape'.


On a Monday in year 1 we have P.E. Today, we ask the children to take part in Joe Wickes' P.E session. This can be found on the link below:

Joe Wickes You Tube channel

Helping at home challenge

Each day we will set your child a helping at home challenge - to teach them that we all need to pull together. Today, their helping at home challenge is to help you do the washing up! We'll be extra proud if they can help you at home!

Good luck! Have a wonderful day!

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