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Home Learning for Wednesday 25.3.2020

Let's do this!

Day 3 of home learning (Wednesday 25th March 2020)

We hope you are all well. We are missing seeing you! We would love to receive emails from you telling us what you have been getting up to. We check our emails everyday and will always send you a reply! If you would like to send us an email (it would really brighten our days), our email addresses are:

Remember how important it is to stay active! There are plenty of ways you can do this at home. You could join in with ‘The Body Coach’ on weekdays on YouTube at 9am or do some Cosmic Kids Yoga on You Tube! Both are great ways to start the day!


Today your focus sound is ‘ea’ (which makes the ‘ee’ sound as in beat). On your sound chart, look at the sound ea and together say "ea- cup of tea." Then point to around 10 other sounds randomly on the sound card to keep other sounds fresh in your child's mind. Make a note of any sounds your child seems unsure of and these can become focus sounds later in the week. On paper, write down the words beat, seat, cheat, meat, heat (underline the ea sound so it is easier for them to identify). Get the children to read these words by saying the special friend (ea) sounding it out, then blending by saying the word. After that, click the link below to play buried treasure. Click on phase 5 and choose the ea sound. 

Now time for some spelling with our Fred fingers. Hide your focus words from today. Say the word beat. Ask your child to repeat beat and pinch the sounds. They then write the word. Repeat this with the other focus words (beat, seat, cheat, meat, heat).

Dictation - say the sentence ‘Heat up the meat’ with your child. Repeat this a few times. Ask your child to write down this sentence checking after that they have used a capital letter and a full stop. 

Read a book: Visit the website below. Click on the free e books and read the book Dragon Bay. There are other books available if you feel this is not best suited to your child's ability. 

oxford owl - free e books

Read this book with your child, supporting them with words they cannot read. Complete the questions to talk about at the end of the book. 

Writing task: Draw a picture of a dragon and use labels to describe it. They could then use these describing words (adjectives) in sentences. 


Today, we are learning to find half of an amount. Open the document called- Teaching Pages. Talk through the slides with your child and spend some time getting your child to repeat the word half so they become secure with it. Ensure your child understands a half is one of 2 equal parts. If you can, print off the activity document- and get your child to complete. If you are unable to print off, give your child the following questions:

Half of 6 =

Half of 10 =


Allow them to use resources from around the home to help them solve(i.e. if finding half of 10, they collect 10 objects (e.g. Pokemon cards), and then put them in to two equal groups to find what half is).


We would have been learning about hospitals at school this week. You could start off by talking about any times the children have visited a hospital, if they have ever stayed in hospital, what they noticed about the hospital, who works there etc. You can then look at the hospital document attached below and see if the children can name the people/objects in the hospital. They could write some sentences about what they can see in this picture.

Helping at home challenge

Each day we will set your child a helping at home challenge - to teach them that we all need to pull together. Today, we would like them to help with chores around the house! Can they make their bed? Help with the washing up or the dishwasher? Help fold the washing? We would love to see photos of this happening!

If you upload any photos of home learning, we would love to see it! Please use the hashtag #chiltonhomelearning

Hope you have a great day!

Missing you! Miss Wright, Miss Cheshire and Mrs Walker 

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