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One Childhood, One Chance

Home Learning: Thursday 26th March

Let's do this!

Good morning everybody! I hope you've had a good week so far and you are all staying safe! We are all missing you very much but we hope you are finding your home learning fun. Thank you for sending lots of lovely pictures of yourselves in; they really do brighten our day so keep them coming!


Today your focus sound is oi - spoil the boy. Find the oi sound on your sound chart and say oi - spoil the boy. Then point to around 10 other sounds on the chart and say the sounds as quickly as you can. Write the following words down on some card - coin, join, spoil, foil, boil. Hold the words up and ask your child to read the word by saying the sounds out loud and blending them together to read the word. Next write the following words down - play, might, feed, fur, nurse, dawn. These are sounds the children are already familiar with. Hold these words up and ask them to 'Fred in their head'. This means the child will say the sounds in their head and then say the whole word out loud. Go through these words a few times until your child can read them quickly. Finally, play the game below:

Dragons Den - oi

Now let's practice some spelling. Hide your words from earlier. Say the word coin. Ask your child to say the word, pinch the sounds on their fingers and then write the word down. Repeat this with other 'oi' words. 

Next say the sentence - Find a coin and you can join in the fun - to your child. Repeat this a few times. Ask them to write the sentence down.

Reading book for today

Click on the link above to link to today's reading book (if this is too easy or hard for your child, please feel free to chose another book from the site).

Once you have read the story, draw a picture of a troll and write a few sentences to describe what he/she looks like.


In Maths today, we are going to be finding a quarter of a given amount. Talk your child through the teaching slides attached. Discuss how many equal parts you spilt your objects into when you had to find half. Explain that when we want to find a quarter of an amount we need to share our objects into 4 equal groups. Collect some objects to share (you can use any loose objects e.g. peas, toy cars, stones, sweets). Use the sharing grid attached or just draw a grid with 4 boxes on paper or use 4 plates. 

Challenge one - What is a quarter of 8? Get 8 objects and share them fairly between 4. Start by putting one of your 8 objects in each box. Then another. Repeat until all 8 are gone. How many are in each box? That amount is one quarter of 8.

Repeat this process with the challenges below:

Find a quarter of 12.

Find a 1/4 of 16.

Find a quarter of 20.

Find a 1/4 of 24.


Today in Topic, we are finding out about what hospitals were like in the past and how they have changed. Have a look at the teaching slides attached below. Conduct some research about what hospitals were like in the past and write a few sentences about what you have found out.

We hope you enjoy your learning today! Miss you all lots.

Mrs Cheshire, Miss Wright and Mrs Walker

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