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One Childhood, One Chance

Friday 12th June

Good morning team Periwinkle and team Teal! It is Friday already and we have been overwhelmed by your excellent work this week so well done to all of you (and to all the mums, dads, brothers and sisters who are helping too!) . We know it is getting hard learning from home, and we really appreciate all you are doing during this tough time. We know that you are all working hard and we are proud of each and every one of you. 


Yesterday was Willow’s last day at Chilton. We are very sad to see you go, but wish you the best of luck for your future adventures.

Year 1s at school planted some seeds and made some fab bird feeders yesterday, just take a look at the fun they had!

We have also had some great maths and English work from Amy and Rosie. Well done girls!


Here’s today’s learning:


The RWI videos will be available, but will take a slightly different form. All videos will be available from 9:30 am so you can choose from set 2 or set 3, whichever you feel your child needs to focus on. There will be reading opportunities for longer words and red words included in each session. Use the link below to find the lessons you need under the different categories.

You tube: Read, Write inc phonics video

If you would rather not use the videos, teach the lesson as follows:

1,   Find the sound ‘er’ on your sound card and say it lots of times, make sure you are looking at the sound to ensure you remember what it looks like, also say ‘er- better letter.’ This is the same as yesterday’s sound ‘ur- nurse with a purse’ but spelt with a different grapheme. WARNING- when this sound is at the end of words, because of our accents and how we pronounce some words, the ‘er’ sound can be pronounced as an ‘u’. Explain that words do not tend to end with an ‘u’, you may need to use your posh voices today!

When you're finished, point to some other sounds too (about 10).

2.    Write down the following words for your child to read (better, corner, never, over, boxer). Remember they need to find the special friends, Fred talk (say the sounds) and then read the word.

3.    Now write down some words for your child to read as a recap of previous sounds learnt (spook, goat, inspire, glee, cart). This time encourage your child to say the sounds in their head and then say the word aloud.

4.    Ask your child to show you their alien faces! Write down the words spinker, floner, glober. Ask your child to spot the special friends, Fred talk and then read the word.

5.    Now it's time for spellings! One at a time say the following words to your read (better, corner, never, over, boxer). Repeat the word back to each other then ask them to pinch the sounds. When they know how many sounds in the word they can write it down. Help your child to tick or fix (correct) their work. 


Today we are going to continue with the story from yesterday ‘You’re a bad man, Mr Gum!’ Listen back to the story so far and then complete activities 2 and 3.



To warm up our maths brains today, use the link below.

This is an interactive hundred square and can be used for a number of games. You can use it to help counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, adding and subtracting, finding one more and one less than a given number and counting on and back. Have a try for yourself, make sure your sound is turned on!


This week in maths we have been focussing on measure. Today’s focus is on solving measure problems involving difference. When finding the difference, we look at how many more one has than the other, so we use the method of counting on from the smaller number until we get to the bigger number and count the jumps. 

Complete the attached sheet of difference measure word problems.


Today we would like you to go on a scavenger hunt! On your daily walk today can you find the following thing?

  • A door number 16
  • A house with a brightly coloured door
  • A purple flower
  • A feather
  • A piece of rubbish
  • Something blue
  • Something hairy
  • A spider’s web
  • A motorbike
  • A letter L
  • A bench
  • A cat
  • A bird
  • A chimney

Did you find/ see anything interesting on your walk which wasn’t on your list?

Have a fantastic weekend!

Mrs Walker, Mrs Cheshire and Miss Wright x



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