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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Friday 26th March 2021

Hello and welcome to the last Friday of the term! This week has been a little different for Team Cyan who are home learning until the end of term. The children have been super positive about the change which has been great to see in lessons. We hope Team Turquoise don't miss us too much! 


This week in maths we have been learning about capacity. The children went outside and spent time exploring what capacity is with different containers and water. We measured using non-standard units (cups) and compared and ordered how much each container could hold. We began to estimate using a container's known capacity to help us to make a clever guess on other containers. 

We then linked our capacity learning to our addition and subtraction learning. Using what we know about addition and subtraction we solved capacity problems.

RWI/ English

This week children have continued to learn/ recap set 2 and 3 sounds. We read and spell words with our new sound and then have review sounds also. These tend to be ones which, as a group, we find trickier. Children continue to learn the skills to hold a sentence, remembering to use a capital letter, finger spaces, using their sounds and a full stop at the end.


This week was the last week of our explorers topic. We spent the first couple of lessons on our Art Part, learning about aboriginal art. We learnt how aboriginals have no written form of communication, so they would relay stories down the generations through their art. We explored dreamtime stories and recreated stories using aboriginal symbols.

After this, we looked at other styles of aboriginal art including dot paintings. We recreated our own art in the same style. Look at some of our fantastic art work.


Finally it was our exit point. To celebrate the end of our topic, we designed and created our own face painting in the style of an aboriginal tribe ceremony.

Next term our topic will be PSHE It’s Good To Be Me and we will also spend time learning about an artist.


  • If your child is in Team Turquoise and you need to contact their teacher via email, we would ask that you send it to both teachers. Their email addresses are:


  • Last day of term is Thursday 1st April. Finish times are normal.
  • We will return to school on Monday 19th April.
  • Monday 3rd May is a bank holiday.
  • Please could we ask for any old material you have but do not need. If you have any old offcuts or rags of material we could have, we would be very grateful.
  • Please keep up regular reading at home with your child. 

Enjoy your weekend, the sun is shining.

From the year 1 team


Mrs Walker, Mrs Barlow and Mrs Marazzi


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