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One Childhood, One Chance

Friday 18th June

Happy Friday everyone! Please read on to find out what we have been learning this week!


This week we continued to practise different strategies to help us solve maths mentally this week. At the beginning of the week, we recapped our number bonds to ten. It is important to remember these as they can aid us in so much of our maths, we have talked about making connections to what we know to make mental maths quicker and easier. We will continue to practise these to help us remember them. Using our number bonds to ten, we then practised finding number bonds to 20. Using 2 tens frames, we began to see we just needed to add an extra ten to the number bond to ten we knew.


Using our number bonds, we then practised the ‘making 10’ strategy. This is a strategy a lot of us use when adding mentally where we add up to the next ten (making 10) then add on the left over of the number. This requires knowing number bonds to ten and being able to partition a number into 2 parts. This is a tricky strategy with lots of skills involved, and we worked on this practically with tens frames to visually see the method to help us understand the process.


RWI/ English

Team Cyan were learning about the story, ‘The Secret Sky Garden.’ The story is about a lonely girl Funni, who loves to be at an old airport carpark. But the carpark is grey and dull and something was missing. The character began to create a garden in the carpark, and after a few months she had created a beautiful garden. But something was still missing. A boy named Zoo saw the carpark from an aeroplane and he wanted to visit the garden. When Zoo visited, they realised they both had a lot in common. This story is about a beautiful friendship blossoming between the two characters. We looked at an image from the book The Secret Sky Garden. After a discussion about the image, we made some predictions about the story based on what we could see. Then we read the story to see if any of our predictions were correct. 

Once we had read the book, we asked questions about it to help with our understanding. Then we learnt that verbs are ‘doing’ words. We read each page of the book carefully and identified the verbs acting them out as we read them.  Finally, we learnt about capital letters. We learnt that we use them at the beginning of our sentences and for proper nouns. We completed an activity similar to RWI tick or fix, where we had to identify capital letters and if they had been used correctly.

Team Turquoise have been exploring a book of poems. The book is sectioned into poems about the different seasons. We started the week listening to a poem called Out and About without seeing the book or the pictures from it. We had to imagine what the poem was about and created a snapshot using what we saw in our mind’s eye. We learnt about nouns (people, places or things) and listened for nouns in some poems. We then had a copy of a poem from the book and we had to write all of the nouns around the poem. We identified nouns such as sand, beach, sea and ice cream! Using pictures, we wrote down words and phrases which reminded us of each season, and then used these to write our own poems.


This week we revisited our book, ‘My Teacher is a Monster.’ The children have really enjoyed exploring the relationship between the characters in the book and have linked this to their own experiences of school, and their teachers. Children drew a picture of their perfect teacher and wrote adjectives around to describe them. During discussions, children explained that they wanted a teacher who is kind, helpful, respectful, pretty and brave ©


We had lots of fun this week learning about the different parts of a desktop and laptop computer. We then used laptops to practise our skills of using the cursor to move objects. We used a website where we had to move pictures to match up on the screen. The children loved this activity and showed great resilience to work independently and listened well to instructions.



This week we had an unexpected visit from some aliens! They had crash-landed into our forest school and left us a letter. The aliens wanted to learn about humankind and asked us to teach them.


We started off by describing what our bodies are like, we labelled our body parts and explained their functions. Then we had to teach them about our senses. To help us explain, we put our senses to the test. We tested our hearing by listening to sounds and guessing what they were, our taste by eating a fruit pastille and guessing the flavour, our smell by sniffing crisps and guessing the flavour and our touch using a feely bag to guess what was inside. We discussed how our senses work together, so when we only focus on one it can be trickier. For example, if we looked at the fruit pastille before eating it, the colour gave us a clue to which flavour it was. If we closed our eyes, it was trickier to guess!

Finally, we practised recording data in a table. We used the roll of a die to determine the body parts of our own alien. We recorded the results in a table and then answered questions about our alien.  

Love to learn

Our love to learn task this week will be English. In Mrs Walker’s RWI group, our write about this week was to write all the facts they had learnt about bats from our non-fiction book. Children remembered their facts incredibly well and were able to record their ideas mostly independently. We would like you to use a non- fiction book to learn about an animal then create a non-chronological report about it. A template is attached below to show how it is structured.

Important messages

  • Sport’s day dates have changed. Ours will now be held on Tuesday 20th at 1:45.
  • We have run out of girl’s underwear! Please could we kindly ask for some donations, or if your child has come home in school pants, could they please be returned?
  • As the hot weather continues, please ensure your child comes to school with a water bottle, hat and sun cream for them to reapply at lunchtime if you wish.


From the year 1 teachers


Mrs Walker, Mrs Barlow and Mrs Cheshire


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