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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Friday 25th June

Happy weekend year 1!


In maths this week we have revisited multiplication. To start us off, we practised counting in groups of 2s, 5s and 10s. These are the times tables children will need to learn in year 2. Children are getting more confident at counting in steps of these numbers eg 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, if you could practise at home when you have 5 minutes it will really help to embed their learning. Then we moved on to making arrays, these help children to visually see what a multiplication calculation is asking. We used the vocabulary ‘groups of’ and ‘lots of’ to also help us understand how an array might look. We started off working practically, making arrays using counters and squared paper, then moved on to recording them in our books.

Finally, we looked at an array and describes the multiplication calculation it was showing, some of us were able to find 2 calculations understanding that multiplication is commutative (the numbers can be swapped and the same answer will be found eg 4 x 5 and 5 x 4 both have the answer 20). 



We have continued to learn both set 2 and 3 sounds this week. Most groups are now recapping sounds which children are finding trickier to read in words (usually the trigraphs- letters with 3 letters making one sound). We have been discussing how reading a book many times can help us to add words into our bank of sight words. Fred talking and Fred in your head are strategies we learn to help us to decode unknown words, once a word is no longer unknown, eg we have seen it a lot of times, we add it in to our bank of sight words, for example our names. We recognise our names because of the number of times we have seen it. This is the same for other words too, which is why some words children can just read without having to fred talk.



We now know who are teachers are going to be for year 2! Children were very excited to hear their new teacher and some have been able to say a quick hello. This week we have been discussing our first transition morning- next Thursday. We talked about any worries we might be having and used our worry box and worry monster to help us share. Next Thursday our TAs will be staying with the children, so they have a familiar face when meeting their new teachers. 


This week we recapped our learning about the parts of a laptop/ desktop computers. We used the school laptops to type in a paint website and use the mouse to select options. We use the paintbrush and selected different thickness and colours to create pictures. The skill we had to master, was to double-click then drag.




This week in science, children learnt to classify animals into groups according to what they eat. We went on an animal hunt, looking at the different types of animals we know. We then learnt the vocabulary herbivores, carnivores and omnivores and created a class venn diagram to sort the animals by what they eat.

After telling the aliens about our bodies and senses last week, we decided we ought to let them know about the different animals on our planet too in case they bumped in to one of those! We identified the different structures of animals and how their bodies differ from ours. We created our own animals using different body parts for example gills, tusks, fins, tails, claws etc. We had to explain why our animal had these body parts and how it might help them to survive.

Finally, we labelled our pets’ body parts. We practised filling in tables and answering questions based on the information from our tables.

Thank you so much for sending in your pet photos, they were absolutely fantastic and the children loved showing them off. For those who don’t have pets, they got to use photos of Winston!

Love to learn

The love to learn task this week is topic! Our science next week will be based on Everyday Materials, we would like children to get thinking about objects around the home and what materials they are made from. For example, I might choose my dining room table, it is made from wood. Children can draw their objects and label the materials they are made from. Some objects might be made from more than one material.

Important messages

  • Children have their class photos on Tuesday 29th June. Please can they come to school in their school uniform, not their PE kit.
  • Could we ask children to bring in a white shirt for science next Monday. It doesn't have to be new, maybe an older sibling's old school shirt. It is so we can be scientists and wear 'lab coats.' If you have more than more we would really appreciate it for those who might not have one. Many thanks in advance!
  • Sport’s day dates have changed. Ours will now be held on Tuesday 20th at 1:45.
  • Please check the office have the correct details for you including phone number. We often send texts out with information, if you are not receiving these, it might be that the details we hold for you are no longer correct. 


From the year 1 teachers


Mrs Walker, Mrs Barlow and Mrs Marazzi


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