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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Friday 2nd July

Well done for reaching the end of another busy week of learning. We hope you all get to enjoy some sunshine this weekend.


This week our focus in maths has been division. We recapped our learning of division in the context of sharing, and counted out into equal groups. Once we were secure with sharing into equal groups, we moved our learning on to making arrays to solve division problems. Some of us were able to link this learning to our multiplication arrays, explaining that division is the inverse (opposite) of multiplication. We counted out how many we were dividing by into a row then carried on counting until we got to the number we started with. We could then clearly see how many were in each group.


This week we continue to practise to read and write words with our new sounds. We are reviewing lots of sounds which we find particularly tricky. Lots of us are practising reading multisyllabic words, some using fred in your head. Lots of children are beginning to use a range of vocabulary choices in their writing, and structuring their sentences in different ways. This has been exciting to see, so well done to all for your fantastic efforts.



This week we talked about our first transition morning and first impressions. We wanted to make sure we showed our new teachers how we can look smart and think smart, ready for year 2! We were able to have a look around our new classrooms when the year 2 children were not in there. We were so excited about where we might sit and loved looking at all the beautiful displays. On Thursday, our new teachers came to teach us for the morning. We had our normal lessons and got to know each other a lot better.


We had lots of fun this week learning how to use a keyboard to type numbers and letters. Most of us were able to type in a sentence saying My name is ______. We practised how to use the shift key for a capital letter, space bar for a finger space and full stop key at the end. We spent time getting used to where the letters and numbers were by typing different words.




We started a new topic in science this week, Everyday materials. We started off by exploring a variety of materials in through magnifying glasses and microscopes, we were able to identify lots of materials including wood, metal and plastic. We looked around our classrooms to find objects made of these materials, and discussed how some objects were made from more than one material. We then used our senses of sight and touch to describe some objects made of these materials and wrote them down. We learnt some new vocabulary including absorbent and dull, discussing why we might use a material that is absorbent or waterproof. Using this vocabulary, we were able to group objects made of wood, metal, plastic and fabric. We thought of questions to ask including is it shiny? We used these questions to sort the materials into yes and no.

Love to learn

The love to learn task this week is maths! Our maths next week will be based on fractions, so we would like the children to practise finding ½ and ¼ of different shapes. This might be of food, cutting their sandwiches into half or quarters, or it might be sharing out their raisins with their brother or sister. It is up to you how you record your child finding fractions at home.

Important messages

  • Sport’s day dates have changed. Ours will now be held on Tuesday 20th at 1:45.
  • Friday 9th July is non-uniform day to raise money for the PTFA, please donate whatever you can.


From the year 1 teachers

Mrs Walker, Mrs Barlow and Mrs Marazzi


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