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Weekly Blog - 20/6/22

Year One

It’s the end of another fun-filled week in Year 1. This is what we have been learning about…

Read, Write Inc.

This week in Read, Write Inc. We have been working so hard phonetically reading words. In particular, we have been looking for special friends in our words, saying the sounds and reading the word. Any practice at home reading a word by finding the special friends, saying the sounds and reading the word would be greatly appreciated! We have also been working hard on our handwriting and writing sentences with capital letters and full stops.


This week we have been practising multiplication by using arrays. For example:

5 x 3 = 15


This week in topic we focussed on Geography.

We looked at where India and the UK are on a map and on a globe. We also located the equator.

Then we learned about biomes.

Biomes are areas of the planet with similar climateslandscapesanimals and plants. What lives in each biome depends on:

  • how warm or cold it is
  • how dry or wet it is
  • how fertile the soil is

The animals in a biome depend on plants for food.

The plants in a biome can also depend on the animals to spread pollen and seeds so new plants can grow. So both plants and animals rely on each other to stay alive.

Next week

In RWI… we will be concentrating on our capital letters and full stops in our writing.

In maths… we will be learning to divide.

In topic... It's healthy relationships week. We will be learning about healthy relationships and staying safe online. 

Love 2 Learn

We have been learning about biomes in Geography. Research one of the following biomes:





What animals live there?

What plants grow there?

What is the climate?

What is the terrain?

Draw a picture of your biome and add labels.


  • Tuesday – 30 minutes of extra PE (wear uniform with trainers)

  • PE is on Wednesdays. Please remember to wear PE kit and tie hair back.

  • On Friday 24th June our School Fair is 3:15-5:00pm on the school field

  • Team Royal marble jar party is on Thursday 7th July 2022. Feel free to bring in a sharing snack! Thank you

Have an amazing weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week!

Mrs Winchcombe, Miss Hall, Mr Allen and Miss Miles

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