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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance


Christmas play costumes! Please bring these in ASAP in a named carrier bag. This will live in your locker until we are finished.

Innkeepers Wife – we would love you to be dressed in your fanciest party gear for your judge role!

Innkeepers – we would love for you to bring in a yellow top and a tea towel for your head. You need some form of attachment to keep this on your head too 

Voiceovers – Please wear all black clothes. We will be making microphones for you!

Mary – We would love Mary to be dressed in white in any way that you like.

Joseph – we would love Joseph to be dressed in casual clothes with a tea towel for his head.

Hosts – we would love you to wear smart clothes of your choice but also to bring in a clipboard for your very important role.

Caesar – come dressed to impress in your Caesar robes.

Floor managers – for your vital role to keep the crowd going, we would like you to wear all black.

Donkey – A donkey costume would be fab.

Nazareth Townspeople – We would love for you all to wear a red top with a tea towel and string/ribbon/elastic band/anything to hold your tea towel in place.

Nazareth Couple – we would love you to join the townspeople and wear red tops with tea towels.

Camels – we are double checking, but we think we have camel outfits ready for you!

Wise men – please bring in a green top and a crown to show how wise you are.

Our lovely little angels – please bring in any white outfit this could be white trousers and top or a dress, or skirt. Anything!

Shepherds – please bring in a blue top with a tea towel for your head with any form of attachment to keep it on.

Sheep – we would love for you to wear a white top, we will make a sheet hat for you to wear

Star – we would love for you to wear a twinkly star costume.

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Correspondence for the Headteacher:

Mrs Kate Law
c/o Chilton Primary School,
Chilton Lane,
Kent. CT11 0LQ

Contact the school office on:
01843 597695
or by fax on:
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01843 597695