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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Home Learning Thursday 16th April

Friday 17th April:  

Good morning Year 2!  

Playlist: This week Year 2’s playlist is one of Miss Davey's favourite singers Jack Johnson. Jack Johnson is an American singer who is also a professional surfer. This song was on the soundtrack of the film Curious George! 


Fact of the day:  Water covers 70% of Earth!  What do you think covers the other 30%?

 Morning Journal: Who in your life do you admire the most? Why? 

Feelings: I am feeling on blue this morning. I am missing my Nanny but I will phone her a little later on so that will be nice.

Guided Reading:    

Please continue reading ‘The Myth of Pandora’s box’ (I'm excited to find out what was inside the box!) 

We would now like you to ‘Freeze Frame’ your reaction when opening the box for the very first time. How would your facial expression show you feelings? Would you show happiness in your face? How would you feel?  

This is how I would look... 


We would now like you to draw the evil that came out of the box. I think it may look like this! (Scary! I know!) 

We would like you to describe what evil flew out of the box; what was it like? What did it look like? What did it feel like? We would also like you to describe how you would feel as Pandora.  

You could do this as a diary entry of Pandora or even a newspaper article! Let your imagination fly!  


 Maths:  Today we are going to be focussing on adding using the column method. 

  1. MOS – TTRS – If you can’t remember your log in, just give us an email!  

  1. So today we are going to be recapping adding using the column method.  Your steps to success goes as follows… 

  • Write your calculation in the format – remember to keep the ones under the ones and the tens under the tens. They can’t get mixed up! 

  • Make sure you put the symbol + 

  • Firstly add your ones. 

  • Then add your tens. 


Today we would like you to read the slides ‘Christian Rites of Passage 2’ We will be exploring what a Christian marriage ceremony is like!  

Can you name and remember the four things that happen at a marriage ceremony?  

Can you draw and label the four things that happen and explain why they happen? 

You can either complete the sheet attached ‘Marriage Ceremony’ or create your own poster! 


Helping at home challenge:  

Today we would like you to help put away the washing. Remember to watch carefully on how to fold clothes and where they need to go.    

  We hope you have a lovely Friday and a wonderful weekend! 

  Lots of love  

  Miss Davey and Miss Keam  


(If you take any pictures on social media, please use this hashtag to see what other Chilton pupils are up to!)  


Thursday 16th April:  

Morning Year 2! We hope you had a fantastic Easter holidays! Myself and Miss Keam had a lovely Easter break but we are ready and raring to go with Term 5. 

Playlist: This week Year 2’s playlist is one of my favourite singers Jack Johnson. Jack Johnson is an American singer who is also a professional surfer. My ultimate favourite song is Better Together!  

Fact of the day: A Camel’s hump is actually just fat! Camels' humps are not for storing water: they're for insulation and food storage. The hump is almost all fat, which regulates body temperature and serves as an alternative fuel source when they're wandering for days at a time with no food in sight. So where do they store their water? Right in their bloodstream.