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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Home Learning for Week Beginning Monday 20th April

Friday 24th April:    

Morning Team Sky and Team Ocean!

 We hope you are well!   

This week we will be giving you all a little phone call! The number will come up as either ‘witheld’ or ‘unknown’ not Chilton Primary School! If we couldn’t get through to you we will try again the following day. If you don’t hear from us please give us an email so we can work out a good time for you! It has been lovely chatting to some of you! 

Tuesday 10 - 12  

Wednesday 10 - 12  

Wednesday 1 - 3  

Friday 10 - 12  

Yellow Saxons  

Red Romans  

Blue Vikings  

Green Normans  

Playlist: - Wham!    

Fact of the day: Magma and lava are two different things! 

Magma is the name given to hot liquid rock inside a volcano. Once it leaves the volcano, it’s known as lava. 

  Morning Journal:  What season is your favourite? Summer, Winter, Autumn or Spring? Mine is summer because I love relaxing down my beach hut with my family.  

 Feelings: What colour are you on this morning?  Miss Davey and I feel on Green today because we have loved speaking and hearing from you lovely bunch this week! 

Guided Reading: 

Watch TV presenter Anita Rani read this extract from 'Daisy and the Trouble with Life' or read this short extract from 'Daisy and the Trouble with Life' 

I don’t know why it’s called “grounded” anyway. If you ask me, if someone says you’re grounded, then it should mean you have to stay on the ground. No hopping and jumping, flying or parachuting. That’s what grounded should mean: staying on the ground. Whether it’s inside ground or out- side ground, it shouldn’t make any difference. As long as you’re on the ground you should be OK. Both my trainers were on the ground in the hallway this morning when Gabby called for me. Gabby is my secret sister. We’re in a secret club – in fact it’s so secret, only me and her are in it. Every Saturday we take it in turns to be club leader and think of things to do. Last week it was my turn to choose, so we dug a mud trap in my back garden. Then we magicked Tiptoes, the cat from next door, into a lion and tried to get him to fall into our trap. But he wouldn’t. He just stayed on Mrs Pike’s wall and refused to come down. That’s the trouble with cats. They only ever want to do cat things, not lion things. 

In the end we had to bang him down with a spade. Gabby hit the wall with the spade handle and I kicked the wall with my trainers. Tiptoes jumped down then all right. He jumped down off the wall on the very first bang. Only not into my garden, into Mrs Pike’s. He never comes into our garden any more. In fact I didn’t see him on the wall for five days after that. Gabby says he must have seen us making the mud trap, and it would have been better if we’d magicked him into a hippopotamus. Hippopotamuses love mud. 

Gabby’s definitely right, so that’s what we were going to try today. A better spell and a bigger trap. Except we can’t now, because I’m not allowed out to play. Thanks to Mum. 

Excuse me a minute. I need to go somewhere again! 

Can you answer these questions?  

  1. Look at the beginning of the extract. What does Daisy thinks being grounded means? 

  1. Where were Daisy’s trainers? 

  1. According to the text, who is Gabby? 

  1. What did they dig last Saturday? 

  1. What is the cat called? 

  1. Did the cat do what Daisy wanted it to? 

  1. Which animal does Gabby think they should have magicked the cat into? 

  1. What two things are Gabby and Daisy going to try next? 


If, like Daisy, you had a secret club, what would it be called and what would you do in your secret club?  

We would like you to write a description of your club and explain what you do on a daily basis.  

Who is the club leader? What adventures have you been on?  

We would love for you to write this in first person (I) (Like Daisy has) 

Have fun and be imaginative :)   


  MOS: How many triangles can you see? Miss Davey thinks there are an even amount of triangles, do you agree or disagree? Why? 

Task: This week we have been looking at subtracting!  

Try playing this Subtraction game – Hit the Button! 

On the menu go 

  • Number bonds 

  • Subtraction within 20 


On TTRS website, there is a game called Number Bots. It is the same log in for TTRS but this game focusses on number bonds! 


This is another fantastic lesson from BBC Bitesize. Managing emotions! 

Naomi Wilkinson has a song and dance routine which looks at the importance of self-belief. This routine can be performed at home and encourages you to get up and moving while you learn. 

In the next video, a group of children describe what they do when they feel angry and how they can calm down. Some of the children describe how their anger feels. A role-play demonstrates some alternatives to letting anger take over. A 'traffic lights' system can help children think through their angry moments. (A bit like our zones of regulation!)  

In the last video, a child explains his feelings after he has been angry. The animation explains why sometimes we lose control. It explains how our thinking brain developed over time and how, when we lived in caves, we needed a fast-acting fight or flight response to danger. The video looks at how our emotional brain can take over sometimes. 

Activity: Identifying feelings worksheet. Using this activity (Attached) children can learn to understand the different emotions they may feel. Get your child to match the activity with the feelings and to explain why they have chosen it. 

You can also design your own feelings booklet (Like we have at school) or our Zones of regulation chart like our one at school!