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Weekly News w/b 12th October

 a super week we have had this week in Year 2. This is what we have got up to :)


In Maths this week we have been looking at Fractions! We started the week learning how to find a half and quarter of shapes. We learnt the language equal, half, quarter, numerator and denominator. We learnt that the denominator tells us how many equal parts the shape has been cut into and the numerator tells us how many pieces of those equal parts we would like for example 1/4 we would like one out of the four pieces however if it was 3/4 we would like 3 pieces. Later in the week, we moved our learning on to finding fractions of numbers. We used our knowledge of the numerator and denominator and put this into numbers. We used sharing circles to help us remember each part needs to be equal. Take a look at the picture below to see how we worked out fractions of number problems :)


We are so happy to hear so many of the children are loving our topic Time Travellers! It really is a great topic :) This week we have learnt about 2 significant figures from the past... Florence Nightingale and Christopher Columbus. We started the week by learning all about the famous nurse Florence Nightingale and how she helped train nurses and changed the way hospitals were kept. We firstly ordered events in Florence's life, created our very own lamps like hers and wrote a letter in role as Florence to her parents about her experience in Turkey. Later in the week we learnt about the explorer... Christopher Columbus! On Friday we learnt all about his interesting life and how he came about the New World and what exciting things he found there such as potatoes, tomatoes and cacao! We then created our very own made up islands and what we would like to find on them! We created super maps using compass points to show which direction to go in.    


  • PE is on Monday – Please remember kit. 
  • Please remember to tie hair back. 
  • Dress up as ‘someone significant from the past’ day – 23rd October i.e. Florence Nightingale, Queen Elizabeth I, Neil Armstrong, Christopher Columbus.

We hope you have a lovely weekend!

Miss Davey and Miss Keam

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