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One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News w/b 2nd November

Term 2 Week 1

Welcome back to Term 2!

Guided Reading

This week we have started our new English curriculum which means we will now be doing Guided Reading, English and RWI Sounds daily.

In Guided Reading this week we started to explore the text Rapunzel by Bethan Woollvin. We started the week by making predictions of what may happen in the story as on the blurb the author states she wrote it with a twist. We came up with fantastic ideas on what the twist might be for example she escapes down the tower, the story is set in a different setting like a beach however the twist was that there is no prince and Rapunzel saves herself! Go Rapunzel! Later in the week we explored the characters personalities by role playing and freeze framing. We looked at body language and facial expressions to help us.


In English this week, we started the week by sequencing the new story of Rapunzel. We had to sequence illustrations from the book and write a sentence to explain what was happening. We then started to look at the vocabulary in the story focusing on adjectives. We noticed there weren’t too many adjectives in the story so we came up with our own pages of the book ensuring we used adventurous adjectives to make it exciting and interesting to read! We created Rapunzel and Witch cones to help us think about what adjectives we could use to describe their appearance and characters.


In Maths this week, we finished our learning of partitioning by learning how to partition in different ways. We are now superstar partitioners in Year 2! To do this we partitioned a number into hundred, tens and ones. We then partitioned this again for example 100 we may partition to 30 and 70, 50 to 30 and 20 and 3 into 2 and 1.

Later in the week we started to look at addition. We started off by using the Base 10 to help us add multiples of 10 to a number. We looked at how this changes the number and it is only the tens number that changes (unless it moves into a hundred!) We then used this learning to help us add on a hundred square. We learnt that if we jump down the hundred square once we add 10, twice to add 20, three times to add 30 and so on.


In PSHE this week we have learnt how to keep safe in school, online and what to do if we fall out with our friends. We have had many in depth conversations this week and my goodness, what fantastic grown up children we have in Year 2! They never fail to amaze us with their understanding and sensitivity to these subjects.

Love to Learn

This week in English we have been looking at adjectives. This week we would like the children to write 3 descriptive sentences using a range of adventurous adjectives all about fireworks! For example, Fireworks burst like sparkling ruby glitter into the sky. Spectacular fireworks fizzle and pop across the midnight sky.

Love to Learn is due back in on Wednesday 11th November.


  • Please may the Circus props be into school before Wednesday 18th November.
  • Children in Need is on next Friday 13th where we invite the children to come into school in pjs for a small donation.
  • Please bring in old shoes that you do not mind the children getting muddy at play and lunch time on the field.
  • On Monday, please bring the children to school in their PE kits.

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