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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Home Learning Team Periwinkle W/B 9/11


Good Morning Team Periwinkle! 

I know this is slightly strange for us all, you just need to try your best, stay your happy selves and keep positive. Keep up the amazing reading, I have lots of certificates waiting at school for you!

You can always email me any questions you have throughout the day or click on the icon below during our Teams meetings. 

If you have something to share or say during our teams meetings click the icon below, it will show me that you have got your hand up. 



Your English and Maths work for today are attached at the bottom of this blog, You will need to complete this after our teams meetings. 

English: Draw pictures and describe what Rapunzel has been up to over the weekend.

-What did Rapunzel get up to?
- Who did she see?
- What did she eat?
- What did she hear?
- How did she feel? 

Remember to use full stops and capital letters, time conjunctions and adjectives!


Complete the empty number lines. Remember to jump in tens!

For example: 10 would be 1 jump. 30 would be 3 jumps. Write the answers under each jump. 

I have also uploaded a hundred square to help you.


Pe: Please follow this link:

Join commentators Johnny and Jasmine as they introduce a range of basic movements to help  gain the skills you will need to complete the Lava Zone.

The core idea behind Lava Zone is that pupils imagine that the floor is made of lava and they must avoid it at all costs!

To remain in the safety zone, you must hold a balance.

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