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Weekly News 9.11.19


We have continued to learn about fractions this week. This week has been focused on learning about equivalent fractions. These are fractions that are equal; they are the same size and are worth the same as each other. We first of all looked at equivalent fractions using shapes. For example, the shapes below show fractions that are all equivalent to one half. We show this by using an equals sign 4

e.g. 1/2 = 3/6


The children then moved on to using a fraction wall to find equivalent fractions. Using the fraction wall, the children could work out fractions that were the same size e.g. they could see that 3/5 = 6/10.


The children have been working very hard this week in English as they have been learning to do something that they haven't done before! They have learnt how to write a play script. We have explored some play scripts in guided reading to find out what a play script looks like and the features it must have. The features we found were; a character or cast list, scene titles, the person's name who must speak with a colon (:), a narrator and stage directions in brackets. Throughout the week the children have learnt how to include these different features as they turned the story of Into the Forest by Anthony Browne into a play script. The children have enjoyed acting out play scripts as well and have been developing their acting skills!


This week we have begun our new topic called How Humans Work. We have discovered how we see and hear and we have learnt about the parts of the ear and the eye. We had great fun making string telephones in our science lesson about the ear! We then moved on to learn about our teeth, comparing them to others mammal's teeth and learning about our 3 main types of teeth (incisors, canines and molars) and what each type of tooth is for. Next week, we will be learning about how to keep our teeth healthy!


Tuesday 12th November - 3.15pm-4pm - Open class - please come into class to see your child's wonderful learning.

Tues 19th and Thurs 21st November - Parent Teacher Consultations - Letter has been sent out via My Child at School app. Appointments are also made using My Child at School app = please make an appointment.

Weds 27th November - School closing early at 2.30pm for staff training.

Many thanks

Mr Mason and Mrs Cousins

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