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One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News 24.1.20

We're in the paper!! Below is the link to the newspaper article about Year 3's visit to Dover Museum.

What have we been learning this week?


This week we have turned the story of Stone Age Boy into a play script! The children have really impressed us by remembering a lot of the skills needed to write a play script that they learnt in term 1. We have been using the structure of a play script; using a main title, scene subtitles and a colon to show who should speak. The children have written narration in past tense in between the actors speech and they have mastered writing stage directions in brackets in present tense. This is quite a challenging task (to change between past and present tense within one piece of writing) and the children have done incredibly well! We definitely have some budding script writers in Year 3!


In maths, we've revisited fractions this week. We reminded ourselves what a fraction is and how we find fractions of shapes. Then, the children learnt to compare fractions using comparison signs ( < > =) and they have put a set of fractions in order from smallest to largest or vice versa. They have had to understand two different ways of doing this. Firstly, when ordering fractions that all have the same denominator e.g. 6/7, 1/7, 5/7 and 2/7 they learnt that they need to look at the numerator (top number) to order them as one seventh will be less than two sevenths and 6 sevenths is the largest value fraction here. So in order they are 1/7, 2/7, 5/7, 6/7. Then they learnt how to compare and order fractions that have different denominators e.g. which is more? 1/10 or 1/6? For this the children learn that the larger the denominator, the smaller the parts that the shape will be divided into, so therefore the smaller the fraction will be. So in this case 1/6 is larger than 1/10 so we can compare them like this: 1/10 < 1/6.


In topic this week, we have been finding out about a Stone Age village that was discovered in the Orkney islands called Skara Brae. A key history skill in Year 3 is to be able to gather information from simple sources. Using an information pack about Skara Brae, the children found information to write a description of a home there and draw a birdseye view map of their home. We have also found out about the Varna Necropolis, a Stone Age burial site that actually had metal!! The children used the evidence at the burial site to make some conclusions about the Stone Age people that lived near there.

Love to Learn

This week we would like the children to find out about the Iron Age and make an Iron Age information sheet. You could look for some Iron Age facts on the internet or visit the library to find some Iron Age books. It would be good if your information sheet could contain some pictures (you could draw these or print some out) with captions or labels (remember we have learnt this in English lessons). Some ideas for things to find out about could be Iron Age clothes, homes, food or Iron Age life or anything else that interests you. Please could these be handed in by Wednesday 29th January.  


Mrs Cousins' group - phoned, smiled, baked, shaped, waved, people, whole

Mr Mason's group - submarine, subtitle, subsoil, subway, subheading, subdivide


Please find attached below some information about NSPCC's Number Day from Miss Lane.

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