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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Year 3 Weekly News 31.1.20


This week we have been learning to show viewpoint in are writing. We have read a new text called Lila and the Secret of Rain by David Conway and Jude Daly. The children began by trying to show a single viewpoint (Lila's) using emotive language. We then moved on to try to show differing viewpoints of different characters at points in the story. Finally, the children learnt about persuasion when they wrote a letter to the sky persuading it to rain.


This week we have learnt mental methods for addition and subtraction. The children have not been using any written methods such as the column method or number line and have been calculating purely in their heads. 


In topic this week we have been exploring art that shows prehistoric times. The children have enjoyed creating a pastel picture based on an artist called Zdenek Burian' work, and creating their own cave painting after studying real life pictures of cave paintings. We have also been finding out about 2 different Bronze Age cultures, one in Britain and one in China.

Love to Learn

Maths - choose 5 of these addition or subtraction calculations and solve them mentally (no written methods please)

35- 21=       17-4=       90-40=      78-43=      120-30=     62-38=        36+30=    18+5=     86+66=      1938+2734=       40+10=      60+60=

SPAG - choose 5 of these contracted words and write them in a sentence:

couldn't     shouldn't    didn't    won't    can't     I'm    we're    weren't     wasn't    shan't   isn't

Spellings to Learn

Mr Mason's group - disappear, disapprove, invisible, incorrect, incapable, dishonest

Mrs Cousins group - wrong, writing, wrote, wrist, wrinkled, wrapped, wrap, parents


During the last week of this term we would like the children to come to school dressed as a prehistoric person; they could be from the Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age. We will confirm the exact date in next week's blog but wanted to let you know so that you can begin to get your costumes ready.

Friday 7th February is NSPCC Number Day and we would like the children of KS2 to come dressed up as a Times Tables Rockstar.

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