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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Wednesday Home Learning 26.3.20

Good morning Year 3, so sorry we're late! We were busy doing Joe Wick's workout!


Reading: Read chapter 4 of ‘Cornflake Coin’. Use a dictionary or the internet to clarify the meaning of these words:   groaned, scrabbled, vanished, trotted.

 Write a definition of each word.

Writing: Write a newspaper report with the headline ‘ANCIENT COIN DISCOVERY!’ Imagine you are a reporter and you are telling the world about this coin. Use fronted adverbials to start your sentences and remember to write in the past tense because the discovery has already happened.

You could start:

                                            ANCIENT COIN DISCOVERY!


On Saturday 4th March, an incredible discovery was made in Ramsgate, Kent. In the park, a local dog called Barker was digging around in the mud when he found something interesting.

We've attached a newspaper template below.


Today you will learn to convert units of time.

Read these:

60 seconds = 1 minute    this means 1 minute is the same as 60 seconds

60 minutes = 1 hour

24 hours = 1 day

7 days = 1 week

2 weeks = a fortnight

About 4 weeks = a month

12 months = 1 year

365 days = 1 year

10 years = a decade

100 years = a century

1000 years = a millennium

Use this information to complete the challenge attached that best suits your level. You may have to multiply to help you. For example,

If 1 hour is 60 minutes, then 4 hours is 4x60 which is 240 minutes.


Please find a magnet sheet attched - remember you may need to use the internet to find out the answers if you don't have a magnet.


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