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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Tuesday 28th April - Home learning

Good morning Year 3.

We loved reading your poems yesterday! Please send us any poems that you have written if you haven't already. We always love to see your work.


Open oxford owl e books (registering is very quick and free). You can register and read the books here

Reading: Read page 10 to page 13 of ‘Escape of the Giant Chicken’. Look carefully at how the author has used inverted commas to show when the characters are speaking.

Answer these questions about the story so far:

Why were the children glad that they arrived at the farm early?

Which child had bought the corn to feed the chickens?

Why did Ant think that Shelly was a greedy chicken?

Why does Tiger think that chickens are boring?

True or false? Tiger was good at milking the cow. Explain your answer.

“There’s something wrong with this cow!” muttered Tiger. What does muttered mean?

Explain why Shelly grew into a giant chicken.

Write down 2 things that Shelly had done in the park before the children found her.

Writing: Today you will imagine that Shelly the chicken can speak! Write a conversation between the children and Shelly. Today you will focus on trying to use interesting speech verbs instead of said. How many can you remember? Open up the ‘other words for said’ document below to find lots of ideas. Don’t forget to use all of the punctuation that we went over yesterday. Also, don’t forget the rule; NEW SPEAKER, NEW LINE.

You could start like this:

“Shelly, we need to take you back to the farm,” yelled Cat.

Shelly laughed loudly and squawked, “No way! I’m never going back to that boring farm!”


Today will be comparing measurements, indicating whether a length is greater than, less than or equal to. We need to use our comparison signs to be able to indicate this.

The crocodile always wants to eat the biggest number. That is how you remember your comparison signs.


When answering our questions, we need to look at the unit of measurement to make sure we know what the values of the lengths are:

100mm ___ 15cm

Even though 100 is greater than 15, by looking at the unit of measurement we can see that we are comparing 100 millimetres and 15 centimetres. From our work form yesterday we know that:

1cm = 10mm


15cm = 150mm

Now we have converted our measurements into the same units of measurement we can compare them more accurately.

100mm < 150mm             so           100mm < 15cm

Complete the challenges attached that best suits your level. If you would like any feedback then send your work over to Mrs Cousins or Mr Mason and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


For our Good To Be Me work today, we would like you to create a self-portrait. You can create this in any way you would like, using any materials that you think best reflects you and your personality. You can also be creative with your background. Try to fill this with your favourite things, your favourite colours or your favourite place. If you would like us to display it on the blog then please send it to us and tell us you would like it put up.

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