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One Childhood, One Chance

Tuesday 12th May - Home Learning

Good morning Year 3. We hope you are all safe and well and ready to learn this morning. 

I have a joke for you that is in keeping with this weeks topic: What did the rock say to the geologist? Don't take me for granite...

I know, it's terrible! !f you find a better one, then send it to us and we'll put it up tomorrow. 

Here is today's learning:


Reading: Read the next pages of Zog and the Flying Doctors below.

Answer these questions about the story so far:

It says in the story that Pearl gives vaccinations. What is a vaccination? Ask an adult, use a dictionary or the internet to find out if you are not sure.

Which part of his job does Zog need to get better at?

Which word has Julia Donaldson used to describe how the mermaid moved her tail? Do you think this is a good choice of word? Explain why.

Why does Pearl give the mermaid a hat?

What time of the day do you think they arrived at the unicorn? How do you know?

How does the unicorn feel about having his extra horn cut off?

Explain why Zog made a fire for the lion.

Explain why the king (Pearl’s Uncle) is not happy with her. Try to list for reasons that he is cross.


Today you plan a character description of the King. Tomorrow we will write the description in full sentences but today we will just plan it.

I have attached a picture of the king or on the second page there is a space for if you’d rather draw the king yourself. Write all of your ideas around the picture of the king.

Remember, from yesterday, these are the things we should try to use when writing a character description so try to include all of these things on your plan today:

  • Describing what they look like using expanded noun phrases (e.g. large, bulbous nose)
  • Describing how they move using verbs and adverbs (the King waves his finger angrily at Pearl)
  • Describing them using similes (like…. Or as…as…. E.g. he wears a luxurious, fluffy collar that is spotty like a Dalmatian)
  • Describing what they are like (their personality) e.g evil, kind-hearted, selfish

Look carefully at the picture and think about what he is like to help you with your description plan.


Today we will be looking at lines of symmetry of 2D shapes.

The line of symmetry can be defined as the axis or imaginary line that passes through the centre of the shape or object and divides it into identical halves.

Follow this link for a little more information about lines of symmetry:

Complete the sheet attached. You can either draw your own shapes or, if you are able, print out and draw the lines of symmetry on the shapes.


For your topic lesson today I would like you to go out for a walk and see if you can identify the types of rocks that you see. If you are lucky enough to live by the sea, you might find lots of rocks on the beach and surrounding the area. Write what type of rock you think you might have found and whether you think it is igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic on the chart attached. Don’t worry if you are not sure, use the chart on the sheet and try your best to classify it. If you find more of one type than another, see if you can explain why.


Can you find any man-made rocks?

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