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Writing Competition - Day 4 - Friday!


Get ready to get your hands dirty! This is not for the squeamish! This week, Mr McAuley is releasing a new and exciting writing competition! On this occasion though, we are extra fortunate, because we have a professional author on whose writing yours will be based. Martyn Harvey has very kindly given us special access to his hilarious poems, BEFORE they are released to the public! Every day, there will be a new poem on your blog to watch, where we will talk about his poem and his inspiration, in addition to how to draw an illustration. Finally, on Friday, when you have watched all his poems, he will announce this term’s writing competition and a poster will appear on your blog explaining exactly what you will need to do.

Enjoy the poems, and keep an eye out for the launch on Friday when you will find out exactly what you will need to do. I look forward to receiving lots of your poetic entries in the coming weeks.

Here is the first video to watch today:    


Day two of the writing challenge follows on from yesterday's video 'The Millipede'. Today, Martyn will show you how to illustrate a poem and how to develop a concept. He will also be introducing another 'brand new' poem and a sneak preview of one of the prizes in the competition. I really hope you enjoy the video and that it inspires you to begin to explore the life of animals around you, and begin to see the world from their perspective!

Remember, the competition will be formally launched on Friday, so sit back, put your creative hats on and enjoy the videos throughout the week.

And here's the link for today:


Day three of the writing challenge and we have a video bonanza for you today! Not one, but TWO videos! And staring the famous Mr McAuley himself! However, these are not for the faint-hearted. Mr McAuley has to delve into one of his phobias and defend his property from attack! 

I hope you enjoy the videos  along with the poems and as ever, I hope that Mertyn Harvey's poems inspire you to search for living things around you and consider what their lives could possible be like.

The writing competition will be released tomorrow along with more fantastic poems from Martyn Harvey, so put you creative hats on, explore what lives around you and enjoy the videos!

Here are the links:


Mr McAuley and Martyn Harvey have had such fun making these videos for you, its not quite over! We have a fantastic video today with yet another brilliant poem from Martyn Harvey along with another captivating illustration. But this is not the end! Your final video will be on Monday morning next week with yet more poems, illustrations and some laughs along the way. Enjoy today's poem, but you will have to wait until Monday and our final video in the series for full details of the competition. Before you go... I want you to go back through the videos from this week and 'like' your 2 favourite so far. Enjoy today's poem!

Here's the link to the 'Weevil'.

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