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One Childhood, One Chance

Wednesday 20th May - Home Learning

Good morning year 3. Make sure that after you have done your work, you treat yourself with a walk or a bike ride on this beautiful day!



Read pages 14 to 17 of Mini Marvels. Find as many adjectives for small as you can on these pages. See if you can come up with better adjectives yourself. Remember that small and big are boring adjectives. Can you make them more exciting? 


Today I would like you to draw a diagram or illustration that is relevant to your informational text. You could draw an illustration to show what something looks like or a diagram to show how something works. Make sure you add captions to give information about your drawing.

This image shows how and why we use diagrams and illustrations in informational texts.

How might you use an illustration of a diagram in your writing?


Take a look at Josh's brilliant cupcake pictogram. Well done Josh and thank you for sending it to me!

Today we will have a go at interpreting bar graphs.

Here is another video that goes over different ways of presenting data:  There are some activities to have a go at underneath the video.

Bar graphs are different to pictograms because they have a scale going up or along one of the axis. Look carefully at the scale because it may go in different steps, for example, it may go in 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, 20s or many other possible jumps. So remember if a bar finishes between 6 and 8 and the scale goes up in 2s, then the bar actually finishes at 7.

I have attached some bar graphs with questions for you to complete. There are 3 different bar graphs; fruit, colours and pets. See if you can complete at least two of these. 

EXTRA CHALLENGE: I have also attached a tally and bar graph template that you can use to create your own bar graph. There is space for 5 sets of data. You can choose which data you'd like to collect but here are some ideas: favourite foods, favourite TV shows, favourite songs, eye colour, insects found in garden/park, different types of flower seen on a walk. 


Another shout out to Josh; here is his fantastic Seder plate that he made yesterday, well done!

What is Hanukkah?

Today we will learn about a Jewish celebration called Hanukkah. Watch the video below and read the information to find out about Hanukkah which is also called the Jewish Festival of Lights.

I have attached some activities below – you can complete any of these activities and you can have a go at making and playing dreidel.

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