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Chilton Primary School

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One Childhood, One Chance

Wednesday 10th June - Learning

Good morning year 3! Let's get started with our learning today.



Before you read todays pages, we would like you to summarise what has happened in the book so far.


Yesterday, you should have written a character description. Today, you will be planning a setting description. To plan it you will need to draw it! I would like you to draw your alien planet and add descriptive language around your scene. Be creative, your alien's planet could look as strange as you want. It could have wobbly mountains, shiny, sliver seas and rain purple spaghetti. Please send your pictures over to Mrs Cousins and Mr Mason so we can see your amazing work.


Warm up with 15 minutes of Times Tables Rock Stars. If you do not know your log in details please email Mr Mason or Mrs Cousins and they will send them to you.

Today we will learn about some other types of lines. They are called parallel and perpendicular. I think this is slightly trickier so concentrate!

Perpendicular can be tricky to read and say, sound it out like this;   per – pen – dic – you – lar.

Parallel lines are 2 or more lines that are ALWAYS the same distance away from one another; they never get closer to each other and they never get further away from each other like this:


Parallel lines can be straight or curved.

We can show that 2 lines are parallel by putting matching arrows on them like this:

In this picture there are 2 sets of parallel lines. The lines with one arrow each are parallel to each other. The lines with 2 arrows each are parallel to each other.

The other type of lines that we shall learn today are called perpendicular lines. These are 2 lines that meet each other at an exact right angle (90°) like this:

We can show that 2 lines are perpendicular to each other by putting a little square in the corner where the right angle is.

In the picture below, the green lines are perpendicular to each other and the purple lines are parallel to each other.

You can open the types of lines reminder poster to help you if you need it (ignore the intersecting lines bit – you don’t need to know that yet).

Open the lines activity sheet below and see if you can complete the challenges. There are 3 different challenges; complete them all or choose which best suits your level.


Space is amazing but it is very difficult to survive in. Here is a website that will tell you all about how astronauts can survive in outer space:

Task: At the bottom of the page, it shows you what a space suit is made up of and all the important equipment needed for a space walk. Your task is to design your own space suit. It will need to include all the important things that astronauts need to survive in space and to add any extra items that you think might improve you space suit. For example, you might want to add mini visor wipers on the astronaut's helmet to clean the visor of space debris. I would like you to explain your additions to the space suit and why you have added them. Make sure they have a purpose and be creative. 


PARENTS AND CARERS - Please see the attached Seeing in Colour document below from Mrs Law.

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