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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Monday 22nd June Learning



Read pages 18 and 19 below and predict what might happen next. How might Mr Wonka get his chocolate factory back up and running?


Today you are going to imagine that you are a rival chocolate maker to Willy Wonka. You are going to send a letter to one of his workers to persuade them to be a spy for you and tell you all about Willy Wonka’s secrets.

When you are writing a letter you need to remember how to start and finish it. Here is a picture that includes all the features you need to begin your letter and some ideas to persuade one of Mr Wonka's workers to help you. You can magpie my ideas or you can use your own. You will need to use persuasive language to try and convince the worker to spy for you. Attached are some sentence openers to help you and a checklist that will help you structure your letter.  


Warm up with 15 minutes of Times Tables Rock Stars. If you do not know your log in details please email Mr Mason or Mrs Cousins and they will send them to you.

In maths this week we are going to be learning about angles. We already know about right angles as we learnt about these when we were doing shapes. A right angle is 90° and is the same as the corner of a piece of paper. Remember, we also call a right angle a quarter turn.

Watch this BBC Bitesize video to learn about 3 other types of angles called acute, reflex and obtuse angles. There are also 2 activities to have a go at underneath the video. We haven’t learnt this at school yet so it is new learning so just do your best if it is challenging.

To help me remember which is which, I notice that the word acute has ‘cute’ at the end of it and I think of it as a small and cute tiny angle as these are the angles that are smaller than a right angle, so between 1° and 89°.

An obtuse angle is larger than a right angle but is never bigger than 180°. 180° is the angle between 2 lines that make a straight line like this:

Open the 2 angle activity sheets and write which type of angle each one is.

ADDITIONAL CHALLENGE: Make a poster that displays the 4 different angles: right, obtuse, acute, reflex – draw an angle with a ruler for each type and label them. Make sure you use large bold lettering and label it clearly as it is a poster.


Continuing our chocolate topic, we are going to be thinking about how often we eat chocolate and whether it is healthy for us. Today we are going to record data in two different ways. First we are going to use a tally chart to find out how often people eat chocolate and then we are going to put that information into a bar graph. Here is my tally chart layout:

Here is my bar graph layout:


Before you record your data, predict the outcome of your data. Which option will get the most and why? Which option will get the least and why? 

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