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One Childhood, One Chance

Tuesday 23rd June Learning

Good morning Year 3. Remember, we are always keen to see some of the work you are doing so please email us anything you have done, even if it isn't work from the blogs, it would be great to see some of Team Cornflower's work so we can post it on the blog. Let's get started with our work today.



Today I would like you to read pages 20 and 21 of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

Your task today is to write 5 questions about the text you have just read. Here is one for you to magpie: How does Grandpa Joe know so much about The Chocolate Factory?


Willy Wonka is closing his Factory forever! This is terrible news. You need to convince him to open up again.

Your task is to write a letter to persuade Mr Wonka to reopen his factory. You should try to include 3 or 4 reasons why Mr Wonka should open his factory again. Think about why would it be in his interest to reopen and who would it benefit? You might want to list some of your ideas before you start writing your letter.

Use the word mat to help you with sentence openers and your checklist to make sure you include all the features of persuasive writing.


To warm up your brains today I’ve found a good BBC video to remind you what perpendicular and parallel lines are – we did this 2 weeks ago. Watch the video and try the activity underneath:

Today we will practise naming angles again. These are the different types of angles that we learnt yesterday. Look back at yesterday’s blog if you missed this lesson.

A right angle is exactly 90°.

An angle smaller than a right angle (between 1 and 89°) is an acute angle.

An angle that is larger than a right angle but smaller than a straight line angle (between 91 and 179°) is an obtuse angle.

An angle that is larger than 180° is a reflex angle.

Open the angles activity sheet and see if you can complete the questions. The first sheet is mild, second is spicy and the last sheet is hot. Choose the one that best suits your level or try to complete them all!


For your topic lesson today, I would like you to do some research into whether chocolate is good for you or bad for you. What benefits does it have and what health problems might too much chocolate cause? Here are some websites that might help you find out some interesting information about chocolate.

You can show you research in either a poster, video or information text.

Viking Isolation Games

The pictures and videos that you are sending in are fabulous, thank you.  

This week’s challenges have a twist.  The Olympics would have been happening this year in Tokyo but, due to the current circumstances, they have been postponed to next year.  All challenges from now on will be Olympic events.

You will be an Olympian!  Choose your country and participate in the event using your imagination!  I cannot wait for these pictures and videos.

The Olympic Challenges are:

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Have a look at the links to give you some ideas!

Good luck!

Please continue to send them to

Miss Knight

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