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One Childhood, One Chance

Friday 26th June Learning

Good morning Year 3! Here is your learning for today. We hope you enjoy your weekend!



Read the rest of page 24 and page 25.

Can you find some synonyms for these words that would fit in the story:





Thank you to those who sent me your speeches from yesterday! I am now convinced that mR wonka should definitely reopen his factory.

Today we are going to do our last piece of persuasive writing. You are going imagine that you are Grandpa Joe and you are writing to persuade Mr Wonka that your Grandson Charlie deserves a Golden Ticket.

The focus of this writing is to use emotive language to convince Mr Wonka. Attached is a word mat that contains emotive words that you may find useful. Here is a letter from Grandpa Joe that you might want to magpie some ideas from:


Dear Mr Wonka,

I read that you are giving out golden tickets to your factory, which sounds absolutely amazing. I feel like this would be a once in a life time opportunity and if anyone deserves this treat it is my Grandson Charlie.

Charlie has not had an easy life. It makes me feel heartbroken to think about everything he has missed out on. Even though he has very little, he is always cheerful and content. His Mother and Father are devastated that they cannot provide the life he deserves. The poor boy only gets one chocolate bar a year!

I believe that if you were able to let him have one of your golden tickets, he would be elated! The tickets that are put into the chocolate bars could be found by anyone. They could be greedy, self-centred or mean. Somebody as wonderful as my Grandson should really be the one to enjoy your factory.

Please consider Charlie for a golden ticket. Not only would you make him ecstatic, our whole family would be on cloud nine.

Yours Faithfully,

Grandpa Joe


Today you will have some more practice at finding perimeter. Remember, perimeter is the total of all the sides of a shape so use addition.

There are 3 different challenges attached. The 3 star challenge is the hot challenge and has some tricky shapes to look at - make sure you write down the length of ALL the sides before you add them up. Don't forget to put the units for your answer.


Your topic work for today is to carry out an experiment investigating what chocolate bar wrappers are made of.

Think about what most chocolate bar wrappers are made of? You will often find them in either plastic of foil. Why are these materials chosen over other materials such as paper or fabric?

For this experiment you will need 4 cloves of garlic, 4 pieces of chocolate, some foil, some plastic (like cling film), some fabric, some paper and 4 sandwich bags. 

Step 1) Wrap each piece of chocolate in a different piece of material. Make sure they are wrapped tight with no gaps.

Step 2) Place each wrapped piece of chocolate in a separate sandwich bag along with a clove of garlic.

Step 3) Leave your 4 bags in the fridge for a week.

Step 4) After a week, take out the pieces of chocolate and try each piece. What do you notice? Do they taste different?

You may not have these all of the things need for this experiment so I (Mr Mason) will be doing it myself. I would like you to predict what might happen and why. I will film my results and post them on next Friday's blog.

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