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One Childhood, One Chance

Thursday 2nd July - Home Learning

Good morning year 3. We have seen some amazing work so far this week so we are going to put up a shout out post Friday to display it all. If you have done anything you are really proud of then please email it to us and we will put some on the blog.

Let's get started on our work for today:



Today read pages 36-38 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. When you have read these pages, we would like you to think of questions about what you have read - try to write at least 8 and don't forget the question marks. Your questions should show that you've thought about and understood the story. Some of my questions would be..

Why does Violet love chewing gum so much?

What does the piece of gum that she's been chewing on for over 3 months actually look like now?


Today you will pretend to be a reporter again and write a report about Violet Beauregarde discovering the third ticket. Remember to write in the past tense and that many past tense verbs end in -ed; we noticed quite a few of you ending these verbs in just a d such as opend instead of opened. Think of a good catchy headline to write in the top box!


Today we are going to be tackling division word problems. The questions will all be division problems, you will need to pick out the key information to know what to divide and how to answer the question. Look out for key words that mean divide. Words like share, split and allocate all mean divide. Can you think of any others?

Example: If Ciara has 24 marbles and wants to share them between 2 people, how many will they have each?

Ciara has 24 marbles. This means 24 is the dividend. She shares that between 2 people, which means 2 is the divisor. So our number problem is 24 ÷ 2.

The sheets attached are differentiated, so please start at the level you feel best suits your ability. The Hot and On Fire challenges may include remainders, so watch out!


A lot of people love chocolate but is it good for you? Do you know what effect eating too much chocolate would have on your body? How often are you allowed to eat chocolate? Should we eat it everyday?

The main ingredients in chocolate are cocoa butter, cocoa mass and sugar. Because it contains a lot of sugar, eating chocolate is not good for your teeth. You need to brush your teeth well after eating sugary foods and especially before you go to bed. If the sugar in our food in left on our teeth, it will cause tooth decay. Tooth decay is when your teeth are damaged and they can get holes in them called cavities. 

Watch the video below and make notes about how to keep your teeth healthy.

Now make a leaflet that explains how to keep your teeth healthy. You could include what happens if we don't brush our teeth, how to keep teeth clean and a diagram of what is inside a tooth.

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