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One Childhood, One Chance

Friday 10th July - Home Learning

Good morning Year 3. Let's see what your last day of home learning for the week is:



Today you will be answering questions about chapters 9, 10 and 11. 

1) What did Grandpa Joe have in his pillow case?

2) What woke up Grandma Josephine?

3) How does Roald Dahl describe the wind when Charlie goes outside?

4) What were the two big problems the family were worried about?

5) Why did Charlie choose a Whipple-Scrumtious Fudgemallow chocolate bar?

6) How would you describe the shop keeper? Think about his actions after Charlie found the Golden Ticket.


Today you are going to be writing your account of the end of chapter 10 and chapter 11. You are going to imagine that you are Charlie and you have just found the 50p on the floor. I want you to write about visiting the shop, eating that first bar and then finding the Golden Ticket. Try and use suspenseful language when describing the opening of the wrapper and finding the ticket. After that you will need to describe how you felt after you found it and people surrounded you.

Here is an example for you to magpie from. Remember to use your planning from the last two days as well.

I couldn't believe my eyes. A shiny 50p looking up at me from the white, snowy ground. I picked it up and placed it carefully in my pocket before anyone could see what I had done. This would help feed my family for a few days at least. My belly rumbled and growled at me at the thought of food. It had been weeks since I had eaten anything other than smelly old cabbage soup. Would it be so bad if I spent a little on myself? After all, I did find it. Before I could talk myself out of it, I ran to the nearest shop I could find and opened the door.

Without thinking, I placed the 50p on the counter and asked for a Wonka Whipple-Scrumtious Fudgemallow Delight. The shop keeper, who had a big, round face, smiled and handed me the bar. I ate it so fast I don't even remember what it tasted like. The sensation of food filled my stomach and all I could think about was another one. This time I would savour the sweet, sugary flavour. I asked the shop keeper for another and he picked up a bar from the shelf behind him and handed it to me. This time I opened the wrapper with care. I slowly peeled back the corner of the wrapper and my heart jumped. A glint of gold appeared from underneath. I held my breath and continued to peel. My face felt flush and a shudder ran down my back. I should have been jumping for joy, I should have been screaming with delight but i was frozen, I was an ice sculpture...


To finish the week off we will play a game called battleships using your coordinates knowledge. Be careful because in this game you have to place your ship IN a square, not on the lines that cross like you have been doing. You will need a partner to play against and the instructions of how to play are attached with the game boards. You have to hunt for your partners ships in the ocean and try to blow them up! Have fun!

Take a look at James' amazing maths from this week:


Follow this like to learn all about light and dark!

Complete the activities. There is even a dance routine for you to master!

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