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One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly Blog Post - 27/11/20

What a wonderful week of learning we have had in Year 3! We have been so impressed with the children this week - they have been so focused and hard working. Thank you!


This week we became suspense experts and wrote the most creepy, tension building stories EVER! We were amazing at using short sentences for impact, rhetorical questions to engage the reader, and dramatic fronted adverbials to add detail and hook in the reader. Today we explored the front cover of our last Anthony Browne book - Gorilla!



Year 3 are also now statistic experts! We were fantastic at interpreting data from tables, bar charts and pictograms. We also had our first attempt at making our own bar charts from our collected data! This was hard work! We are going to continue with our ruler practise... it's our best friend in maths!


We have begun our amazing topic, 'How my body works'. First, we drew round our bodies and put in what we thought was inside! These were some VERY interesting diagrams! Our big question has got us thinking and throughout the week we have learnt about living and non living creatures. We found out how animals have different diets and learnt more about the food groups within our own diet. Finally this week we created our own clay versions of the digestive system. There is a lot going on inside our bodies that we didn't know about!


Home learning

For your home learning this week we would like you to explore your insides a bit more! You can focus on the digestive system, your bones or your muscles. Create a diagram, model, picture... whatever captures your show your understanding of your insides!


We have been making sure we can spell our common misconception words. Please practise:

every   everyone    everybody     should    would   could   caught   thought

Additional information

We are hoping to create something special for you to watch for Christmas.  Please could Team Sky bring in or email a photo of their favourite people!  Please email Mrs Gale at

Thank you!

Have a wonderful weekend,

The Year 3 Team


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