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One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly Blog Post - 08.10.21


This week, we started our new book, The Green Ship by Quentin Blake. We have been rewriting the story, focusing on dialogue. We have learnt how to use inverted commas when writing speech and how to use verbs and adverbs to express how someone is saying something. Here is an example: "Wow! Look at that amazing ship," cried Alice excitedly.


We have been tackling division this week in maths. We have been using sharing circles, grouping and the bus stop method to help us solve our division calculations. We have also learnt that multiplication is the inverse of division and can use this knowledge to help us.


In Topic, we have discovered that over 2000 years ago, Thanet used to be an island and that it was an important part of the Romans invasion plans of Britain. We have learnt when the Romans invaded Britain (43AD) and how they changed Britain by building roads, using coins and money and introducing writing, the Roman alphabet and Roman numerals for counting.  

Love To Learn

Your Love to Learn task this week is to create a poster all about the Romans and their invasion of Britain. It can be as colourful and creative as you like. You can use any medium to make it and will need to show some information about the Romans coming to Britain. Please can you hand this in by next Wednesday.


Well done year 3! Our year group had the highest participation on AR reading this week. Please keep testing once you have read your books and hopefully we can keep up this record.


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