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One Childhood, One Chance

Year 3 Weekly News 5.11.21


In maths this week we have been learning about equivalent fractions. These are fractions that are equal. We began by using shapes to find equivalent fractions and then moved on to using a fraction wall (see homework task below).

Here they are completing a matching fraction game today...


In English this week we have begun our new unit all about the wonderful books by the author Anthony Browne. The first book we are reading is called Into the Forest and we have been writing diary entries based on the story. The children have learnt how to include emotive language (words that show how we are feeling e.g. terrified, uneasy, panicky, joyful, nervous, anxious etc) to sow how the person writing the diary entry is feeling. We have also tried to include different sentence types in our diary entries - compound and complex sentences.


This week has been Kindness week at school. The children have learnt what kindness means, how we can show kindness to one another and how this helps us to build healthy relationships with others. We have read the book 'We're all wonders' and created some great artwork based on the story that shows how we can be kind.

Diwali Dance Workshop

Today the children took part in a Diwali Dance Workshop.  It was brilliant and they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves whilst learning about the story of Rama and Sita from the Hindu and Sikh religions. They had huge smiles on their faces when they performed the dance at the end of the session. Here are some photos of the workshop...

Love to Learn Tasks

For maths this week, we would like the children to use the fraction wall below to complete the missing numbers in the fractions.

 1/2 = ?/4                           1/2 = ?/8                 2/5 = ?/10                 4/6 = ?/12                      ?/3 = 6/9               1/2 = ?/6 = ?/12

Challenge: Can you write some of your own equivalent fractions using the fraction wall?

Your English homework task is to write a diary entry as if you are the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. Remember to start with dear diary and write in the first person as if you are the wolf. You are writing in the past tense as you are writing about the events that have already happened. Write about what happened the day that you met Little Red Riding Hood and gobbled up her Grandma and then when the woodcutter came. Use emotive language to show how you feel in your diary entry. Challenge: Use compound and complex sentences in your diary entry. 

This homework is due in by Friday 12th November please.


Please see the flyer attached below about an author who is coming in to visit us on Friday next week. This information has also been emailed to you.


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