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Year 3 Weekly News 19.11.21


This week in maths we have been learning about 3d shapes. The children have worked hard to learn the names of the 3d shapes. We have learnt these shapes; cone, cylinder, sphere, cube, cuboid, square-based pyramid, triangle-based pyramid also known as a tetrahedron, hemi-sphere, triangular prism, pentagonal prism and hexagonal prism. We have learnt how to describe the properties of these shapes, describing how many faces, edges and vertices they have. We have also had great fun making 3d shapes this week. Here we are making and describing them:


In English we have continued our learning about narrative writing (story writing). We have been reading our next text by Anthony Browne called 'The Tunnel' and used this story as a prompt to write our own suspense stories. We will be learning about how to create suspense in our stories for two weeks. This week, we have learnt to use certain fronted adverbials, such as 'Without warning,', 'Barely able to breath,' or 'All of a sudden,' and also how choosing appropriate verbs can create tension e.g. tip-toed nervously, crawled anxiously, frantically ran way. The children have also learnt that varying their sentence structure and including short, snappy sentences can help build the suspense.

Love to Learn

This week for Maths we would like you to choose three 2d shapes and three 3d shapes. You can either draw them, print a picture of them or stick a picture in your book. Then you need to write their name and describe their properties. Remember, for 2d shapes, say how many sides and vertices they have (extra challenge: say whether the sides are curved or straight) and for 3d shapes, say how many faces, edges and vertices they have (extra challenge: say what shape the faces are and whether they are curved or flat).

Challenge: Find out what right angles are. Draw some 2d shapes and label the right angles.

For English this week, we would like you to write 5 complex sentences. Remember, you need to use I SAW A WABAB conjunctions (see below). The conjunctions can go at the start of a sentence or in the middle to join 2 clauses.

E.g. Since it was raining, the girl put on her coat.

The girl put on her coat, since it was raining.

If you eat all of your dinner, you can have a pudding.

Jenny watched TV, while she ate her dinner.

While her Dad was cooking dinner, Ella set the table.

Challenge: Can you put the comma in your complex sentences in the correct place?


- We would like to remind you that the children are only allowed a healthy snack such as fruit or a cereal bar at morning break times please. They are not allowed crisps or chocolate biscuits.


Please see attached below a maths challenge for this term set by our Maths Lead Miss Lane. All children that enter the competition will get a certificate and their name will be put into a raffle to win a prize.

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