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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Year 3 weekly news: 03.12.21


This week in English, we started our new book 'Gorilla' by Anthony Browne. We have read the first half of the book and used the story to help us construct informal letters from Hannah, who is the main character, to her dad. We have learnt how to write in the first person, use complex sentences and structure our writing to write our informal letters.


We have been learning all about capacity and volume this week. On Monday, we went outside and estimated the capacity of unmarked containers. We used measuring jugs and water to find out the real capacity of the containers, discovering how close (or far off) our estimates were. We are now able to tell the difference between the capacity and volume, and we know how to convert litres into millilitres. We have been finding the difference between two volumes of water, adding them together and also subtracting volumes.


In topic, we have been learning how our digestive system works, what our bones do and how we see. We know what happens to food after we swallow and the journey it goes on. We have found out that our bones help us move, give us support and protect our organs. We have also learnt about the different parts of the eye and how light reflects off of objects and into our eyes, enabling us to see.

Love To Learn

For your Love To Learn this week, we would like you to write an informal letter to Father Christmas explaining why you deserve your perfect present this year. Tell him what you would like, why you deserve it and how it would make you feel if you received it.


Christmas parties will be on the 14th December. Information will be sent home Monday on what food items to bring. 

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