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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Year 3 Weekly News 21.1.22

Another great week in year 3. Well done Henry in Team Periwinkle for winning a Gold Award! Keep up the good work everybody.



This week, we have been continuing our informational text writing, culminating with us writing a full informational booklet about the Stone Age. We tried to include all the features we learnt over the past two weeks to make our informational texts interesting and engaging. 

Next week we will be learning how to write playscripts using our new text: Stone Age Boy.



We have been focusing on using both mental tactics and column method for addition. We have been learning how to add in our heads when possible and how to use the column method to add larger numbers together.

Next week we will be diving into subtraction. Much like this week, we will be learning how to use mental methods and the column method when subtraction numbers



For Topic, we have looked at the end of the Stone Age, the rise and fall of the Bronze Age and the importance of the Iron Age. We created a timeline to map out when major events from prehistory happened, made presentations to the class about the differences between the Bronze Age in Britain and China and finally painted Iron Age hill forts.

Next week we will be 'digging' into geology, looking at different types of rocks and how soil is formed. 

Love To Learn

English: Write an informational text about any animal of your choice. Remember the features of an informational text and try to include as many as you can. Make sure you include an introduction and a few separate paragraphs with subheadings about your animal.

Maths: Choose five of these number sentences to complete. You can use either mental methods or column addition:

Mild: 340 + 30           105 + 50         35 + 24           280 + 7        47 + 9

Spicy: 437 + 234        663 + 105      459 + 338       365 + 236      744 + 155

Hot: 426 + 547         881 + 153       743 + 366       594 + 331      7553 + 1648 



Monday 31st January - Red Romans may come in to school in non-school uniform.

Friday 4th is number day. Please come in dressed up as a Times Table Rock Star or Number Super Hero and bring a small donation to the NSPCC.    

We will be going on a school trip to Dover Museum on Wednesday the 9th February. Please see the information sent to you for further details.

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