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One Childhood, One Chance

Year 3 weekly news 06.05.22


This week, we have been writing in role as some of the characters in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. First, we wrote as Charlie when he finds the 50p in the street and when he finds the Golden Ticket. Then, we wrote as Grandpa Joe when Charlie brings the ticket back home. Finally, we used all of the skills we used over the week to write in role as either Mirabel from Encanto or Mr Twit from The Twits. Next week we will be writing setting descriptions about the various rooms the children find in the Chocolate Factory.


For maths, we have been learning to divide up whole numbers into fractions. We used slices of bread to represent one whole and discovered that to feed two people, we would need to cut the bread into equal halves. Then we saw that to feed four people, we would need to cut the bread into equal quarters. We were then able to apply this knowledge to division calculations. Next week, we will be rounding numbers up or down depending on the context.


This week, we have been learning all about where chocolate comes from. We looked at maps of South America, learnt that there are fourteen countries that make up the continent and identified which countries export chocolate. We then focused on Brazil, learning about some physical and human features that are found in the country. Finally, we turned our attention to the Amazon Rainforest and discussed deforestation and how it affects our planet.


Can we please ask that children bring in updated reading records as often as possible. They need to be checked frequently to show the amount of reading that is happening at home. The MyOn website is very good if children are struggling to find books to read and quizzes can be taken on that site.


Mrs Cousins's Group: home, zone, slope, phone, stone

Mr Mason's Group: gladder, fittest, hotter, maddest, biggest

Mr Arthur's Group: politician, musician, mathematician, optician, magician

Love To Learn

This weeks Love To Learn is to choose a country in South America and write a report about it. You can do this in any form you would like. It can be a poster, a video, a song, a presentation.

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