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One Childhood, One Chance

Year 3 Weekly News 13.5.22

Year 3 have had another great week of learning. Here is what we have been up to...


We have had a great week in our guided reading and English lessons as we have read the chapter where the children go into the Chocolate Room in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We began the week by learning how to group our writing into paragraphs; we learnt the acronym TiPToP to help us remember that we can start a new paragraph at a new time, place, topic or person in our writing. We then planned our end piece of writing for this unit, which was a description of the Chocolate Room, using art and words. The children finished off by writing some amazing descriptions of the room using all of the skills they have learnt over the last few weeks such as expanded noun phrases, verbs and adverbs, prepositions, sentence openers and complex and compound sentences. Next week, we will be writing poetry about chocolate, learning how to use rhyme and alliteration.


In maths this week we have been dividing numbers and deciding whether to round up or down depending on the context. We have found that we need to round down when sharing numbers equally and round up when grouping numbers. Next week we will be learning to add and subtract fractions.


This week has been art week in topic. The children have been exploring using acrylic paints and created some Aztec art. We then looked at classic chocolate adverts from the past and recreated these and finally made our own versions of famous chocolate bars. We also looked at what the chocolate bars have on their wrappers and how they attract people to want to buy them. Next week is Technology week and we will be designing our own new box of chocolate, choosing a 3D shape, learning about how to make a 3D box from a net and then making our new chocolate boxes. You may like to think about what your new chocolate will be called over the weekend.


Reading – thank you for your support since we since home the reading flyer. Please send your child’s reading record in every day and continue to read with them at least 3 times a week.

Spellings to learn for test on Thursday

Mr Arthur’s group: electrician, attraction, construction, education, location, injection

Mr Mason’s group: wetter, hottest, thinner, saddest, gladdest, madder

Mrs Cousins’ group: huge, cube, use, flute, perfume

Love to Learn challenge

SPAG: Write out these sentences and choose whether to use ‘was’ or ‘were’ in each sentence. Remember were is generally for plural (more than one thing) and was is generally for one thing or person.

The rugby team ___________ celebrating because they won the match.

Earlier today, Mrs Cousins ___________ reading her book.

The seven ducklings ______________ following their mother.

A group of fire fighters ____________ working very hard to put out the fire!

The boy ______________ tying his shoe laces.

Maths: Calculate the answers to these division questions. Which calculations have remainders and which do not?       22÷3=          33÷11=       13÷2=         34÷4=              24÷8=          32÷10=


If possible, please could the children bring in a plain white or cream t-shirt by Friday 20th May. If you have any spares that we could use, we would very much appreciate this. The children will be drawing and writing on the t-shirts.  Many thanks.

The Year 4 Team    


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